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S.M. – Florida

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



Thank you for all you're doing. Here is my story.

Age: 66, previously active and healthy

First shot March 28, 2021 -- sore at injection site

Second shot April 28, 2021 -- many side effects, which have slowly improved after 4 months. Overall I am functioning at around 5 on a scale of 1-10.


- Hair loss

- Ear ringing left ear, same side as vax

- Brain fog

- Lighheaded, occasionally dizzy

- Chest pains and tightness, heart ""flip-flops"" and uncomfortably strong heartbeat

- Occasional high or low blood pressure

- Extreme fatigue and muscle weakness

- Waves of exhaustion, especially following any type of mild exertion

- Internal sensation of full-body shakiness

Before the second shot, I walked one to two miles a day, gardened, and worked full time as a Realtor. I have received the annual flu shot since 1996. One pre-existing condition: underactive thyroid. Also I'm about 15 pounds over ideal weight.

In the first month, I could barely function. I quickly realized that I could do one activity a day, and had to choose between walking about half a block OR showering OR running an errand like shopping for the bare minimum of food. An hour-long afternoon nap became my new normal. Sometimes I also fell asleep at 10 or 11am, after a full 7 or 8 hours of night sleep.

Occasionally I would have a ""good"" day where I could walk farther or tackle two activities but would then plummet and require a day or two of recovery.

The second month, I started visiting doctors. My GP performed an in-office EKG, ordered a full blood panel and a CT scan with contrast. All tests came back ""normal.""

I was then referred to a cardiologist. I underwent my first ever stress test, and reached the target heart rate in 4 minutes. The doctor suggested I was ""deconditioned"" and should consider joining a gym. When I questioned that, he ordered a CT scan for calcium deposits. Which test came back all zeroes, no blockages of any sort.

So according to my medical professionals, I am fine. Neither acknowledged my statements that symptoms began immediately following the second shot. The testing and follow-up took about six weeks.

Out of desperation, I then talked with my gynecologist. He suggested I try IV therapy and although I avoid medication and needles as much as possible, I was desperate to feel better. I began a weekly Myer's Cocktail (IV vitamins and mineral treatment containing Magnesium, Calcium, B Vitamins, and Vitamin C).

As a result, my brain fog has mostly lifted. I no longer have waves of exhaustion and am able to walk about a half-mile daily without repercussions. As noted above, I am currently functioning at around a 5 on a scale of 1-10 and hope to regain my health with additional IV sessions and moderate exertion.

One possible factor: I may have contracted Covid early on, or it may have been RSV. On Dec 24, 2019 I visited a walk-in clinic after 10 days of severe dry cough and general flu-like symptoms. My throat felt like I was swallowing glass, and it was swelling shut. My coughs were so strong that I feared cracking a rib. No test was given as I had ""whatever is going around."" and I was prescribed steroids and codeine cough syrup. My throat improved by the next day, but it took me about two months to completely recover.

-S.M. - Florida"

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