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S.M. – New York

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"I received my 2nd Moderna dose on 3/11/21. The next day I began feeling very slight aches in my body - that was my ONLY side effect, and it was minimal. Annoying. I thought it would pass in a day or two. At day 12 post-vax, the mild aches turned into pain. It would travel around my legs - typically from my knees down to my ankles, but I do occasionally experience pain in my mid to lower thighs. The pain varies - might be L knee pain & right ankle one day, to L shin and R thigh the next. It is typically an intense radiating, or throbbing pain. Similar to how your jaw feels when a Novocain needle is injected. While the pain travels a lot, it is almost constantly in 1 spot - the muscle next to my left shin. I wake up in pain, but it ALWAYS gets worse as the day goes on. The more I do, the more I hurt. A couple weeks ago, I noticed my leg muscles were twitching, or spasming. I could actually see them move. And, like lots of people here, I have a constant buzzing (what I call ""TV static"" - as it feels like I can feel all the atoms in my feet and legs vibrating).​

I was healthy and active, speed walking 3-4 miles, lifting, etc. every day - prior to the vaccine. Now, more than 4 months later, there are days when I can barely walk (around my house). NOTHING alleviates the pain - I've tried OTC pain meds, Gabapentin, Pregabalin, Tramadol, hot baths, CBD creams, rest, activity, chiropractor, acupuncture. Rest helps to keep the pain from becoming crazy - but I can't lay on my couch all day, every day). I take Flexeril at bedtime to help my muscles relax & to help me fall asleep, but the pain is still there in the am. It definitely gets worse with usage - especially just standing (as opposed to walking). I have to ration my activities so the fallout afterwards (from a couple hours to the next day) is not too bad. I can no longer exercise and am hating the way my body is beginning to look. When out in my flower gardens, I typically work for 5-10 minutes, then rest for 45 minutes before resuming activity again.

Blood tests, MRI's, NCS & EMG's are all normal. Neg for Rheumatoid issues. Going to see a Neuromuscular specialist next week and hoping for answers - but after reading everyone's stories here, I am becoming skeptical that I will receive any. I have missed work due to excruciating pain & many doctor's appointments and tests. My quality of life has taken a very sharp nose-dive. I would love answers and moreso, relief from chronic pain. I keep saying over and over - I don't know how people with chronic pain do it every day. I've only been suffering for 4 months & there are days I'm crying in both pain & frustration.

I want my life back. I want relief from constant pain and the inability to do what I want. It's amazing how I now have to wonder whether or not I will physically be able to withstand certain activities (grocery shopping, going to putt putt or a concert, playing with my little nephew & niece). It's similar to someone with bladder issues - they wonder: will there be a bathroom nearby. I now wonder - will I be able to sit & take pressure off my legs & how badly will my body react to the activity afterwards?

So glad for this group & website. I've been searching for others like me & finally found them. Thank you.

S.M. - New York"

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