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S.N. – Minnesota

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I got my second Pfizer vaccine on April 13th and ended up with a swollen lymph node and other odd sudden onset symptoms. I sought medical attention on April 27th and again on May 21st. I ended up at the emergency room on May 24th with severe pain, fatigue and difficulty breathing. I was told everything checked out fine, but I could stay in the hospital for observation. I left thinking maybe I was crazy. Two days later my symptons were worse and including trouble seeing, dizziness and I could no longer walk. My husband drove me to Mayo Emergency. I underwent tons of tests including MRIs, chest xrays, CT scans of my head and chest. They told me everything was fine, but I could stay for observation which I did. I was there for 2 nights. They discharged me with plans to see a Rheumatologist. I couldn't walk but, they said I didn't need any Physical Therapy. Things got progressively worse after discharge on Friday, May 28th and I was back in the hospital on Sunday, May 30th. Not how I wanted to spend my Memorial Day Weekend. I am a 49 year old physically active avid long distance biker. I usually do one triathlon a year as well. It seems that doctors are being told to deny that anything is happening and we aren't getting the help we need. There is also something neurological happening. My right pupil dilates more than my left when I am in pain and I have had tingling in my right hand. Additionally, I have had heart palpitations, chest pain and stomach issues. At Mayo Emergency I was unable to lift my right leg and hold my right arm up.

This has been a scary and extremely lonely experience with all of the censorship. We need to be heard and recognized in order to both get the help we need for ourselves and get these adverse reactions documented and researched.

-S.N. - Minnesota"

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