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S.P. – Nevada

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


After receiving the first dose of Moderna I didn’t wait in the cvs pharmacy, I got up in 10 minutes went to grab a Gatorade and head home. I sat on my couch watching tv and about a hour went by. My mouth started to tingle and my roof of my mouth began to burn. I did not eat anything spicy prior or have any carbonated drinks. I immediately took a allergy pill because I never had this feeling before. The next day my arm was so tender to touch you could not even barely touch it, the pain was intense and my whole arm became stiff. My lymph node in my arm pit area was swollen for three days and I took ibuprofen 800mg for four days straight. I never thought I would have these reactions to this vaccine but in order to keep my job I had no choice. I’m frankly scared because my menstrual cycle has been late now and has not been on time when it’s regular. I wish I never got this vaccine because of how much pain and reaction I have had.

-S.P. - Nevada"

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