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S.R. – Oregon

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"I am 58 years old, married, mother of two adult daughters and I have 3 grandchildren. Currently in a graduate program studying clinical mental health.


I had 1st dose of Moderna on 1/14/21 - right deltoid. Lot # 029L24A

On 1/19/21 presented at Emergency Room with stroke symptoms to include bilateral facial paraesthesia, left leg/left arm weaknesses and numbness. No indication of Bell’s Palsy. Normal brain MRI w/o contrast. Normal CBC. Normal EKG.

1/21/21. Neurologist #1 wanted to test me for everything MS and refused to correlate my symptoms with the vaccine. She told me to take the 2nd dose “and see what happens.”

On 1/28/21 Neurologist #2 took my symptoms seriously. He diagnosed me with Autoimmune Neuropathy (suspected vaccine reaction). PCP suggested molecular mimicry phenomena.

My symptoms today:

bilateral facial paraesthesia and nerve pain around eyes and around mouth.

Left arm weakness & numbness from bicep to fingertips

Left leg weakness and feels shaky at times. Neuropathy both feet.

intermittent body chills (no temperature)

Occasional vibration or buzzing in upper and/or lower extremities.

tingling & burning lips 24/7

fingertip burning sensation

left & right calves muscle twitching and nerves firing.

There are times I feel like I will lose all control of my left arm & legs

muscle twitching around mouth and random facial nerves fire.

Global scalp pressure with nerves firing on the side of my head.

Brain fog.

Autonomic dysfunction.

My greatest fear is I will develop an autoimmune disease or a degenerative neurological disease.

Without a long term vaccine control group I will be looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life."

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