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S.S. – California

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"T got the Pfizer vaccine 2nd shot on 5/15/2021. He was ok for first 5 days then became ill to the point that he was throwing up everyday. He asked me for a case of bottled water and some Gatorade so he could stay hydrated. On June 7th he came to me in the morning and said he wanted to go to the hospital. I called his birth mother Sabrina and asked if she could come and help with this and she said to go ahead and call 911. So we did. The FD showed up and came inside and took T’s blood pressure and heart rate. They told us they didn’t want to take him because his vitals were good and the ER was really busy and they would be stuck there for hours and he probably wouldn’t be admitted. I told them this is a reaction from the vaccine because T is healthy and besides asthma has never been sick this long. They ignored our information and left. Next morning approx 10:30am I went into T’s room and he was half on half off of his bed ( normal for T) I nudged him and said get up into bed which he immediately did and I said T call 911 again and tell them to send an ambulance not the FD and he responded “Ok Dad” those were his last words as I left for work I told his bf John to make sure T calls and that he goes to the ER. J said ok. I got the call approx 4:30 from my 17yo L that T was dead.

S.S. - California"

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