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S.S. – Colorado

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I am healthy & athletic with no known allergies to vaccines, 45, male, 160 lbs. I had no reaction other than arm soreness after receiving the first and second shots on 3/24 and 4/14. I felt fine after the 2nd shot. I never felt any sickness or immune response after the 2nd shot. In fact, I walked 8 miles after receiving the 2nd dose. I received the vaccine at Safeway pharmacy, outside of my healthcare provider.

I take my BP regularly and began detecting irregular heartbeats on both my BP monitor and on my smartwatch during March-June. My doctor ordered an echocardiogram and 72 hour holter monitor. Neither showed anything alarming.

On June 20th, I completely lost feeling in my left leg from the knee down. I was sitting with my left leg crossed over my right leg, and my left leg went to sleep. It never woke up.

I took a shower and tried to put on my underwear. I could not put my underwear on because, although my mind was telling my leg to lift, I was not physically picking my leg up high enough to put my left leg through the hole.

My doctor examined me and referred me to a nuerologist. The neurologist ordered a lumbar spine MRI that was negative. It only showed minimal degeneration and minimum bulge on L5-S1. The neurologist confirmed that I have no reflexes in BOTH of my knees and ankles. The neurologist ordered an EMG and I am currently waiting to have this procedure performed.

My BP remains high and I am the leanest that I have been since High School. I was active and athletic, walking 5 to 10 miles per day and play recreational sports. I have not been able to walk without a limp since June 20th. I have difficulty raising my toes on my left foot and/or tapping my left foot to the beat while playing guitar. Over a 3 day period this month, I lost 7 lbs and kept it off, despite not walking the miles that I was completing on a daily basis before my leg went numb.

Most feeling returned to my left leg, but it is still remarkably number than my right leg. I cannot stand on my left heel.

It does not matter how hard I hit my knee reflex, there is no response in both knees and ankles. Bloodwork was consistent with hypogammaglobulinemia, thus I do not even know if I produced sufficient antibodies, and I am now afraid to get any other shot.

Neurologists are busy!!!

-S.S. - Colorado"

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