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S.S. – Pennsylvania

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Hi my last vaccine of Moderna was the beginning of May. My injury started two weeks after that. I felt burning in the bottom of my feet and thought maybe my shoes were too tight. With in two weeks the burning extended more into my feet and I started getting tingling in my hands. I went to the doctor on June 10, and asked her if she could run a battery of blood work- checking me for auto immune diseases and my Doctor suggested a lumbar spine MRI. My doctor and I were looking for a herniated disc or a pinched nerve. To our surprise the only thing they found were cysts at the base of my spine. I went to a neurosurgeon thinking I could get the cysts removed however he was not convinced that my symptoms in my feet were from the cysts. My neuro surgeon wanted me to go to a neurologist and get an EMG and a cervical spine MRI. All my bloodwork and all my tests came back normal. My neurologist consented to send me to the Longhaul clinic for Covid agreeing with me that my body was damaged due to the vaccine and she had no idea of what to do for me.

My burning is not only in my hands and feet. It runs up my arm in my neck on my face and buttocks. It jumps around. Every day is different. Sometimes I get shooting pain. I have now been running around to holistic practitioners to see if there’s anything that would help with the burning and pain.

I have a 3 month wait for an appointment at the long haul clinic.

-S.S. - Pennsylvania


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