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S.T. – Ohio

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


On March 27th I received my first shot. My arm was a little sore. But in the next few days my heart was flopping out of my chest and I was feeling faint and falling asleep during sentences. I booked an appointment for Cardiology because my father had heart problems, and I thought maybe I had inherited them. So they monitored my heart for a week. Turns out I was tachycardic. However NONE OF THE DOCTORS TOLD ME THE SHOTS DO THIS AND I WAS IN FACT HAVING AN ADVERSE REACTION.

April 20th, I got my second shot. Because you have to get it within 3 weeks and again, there were NO doctors telling me not to get my second dose. Blamed the sudden fast heart rate on my weight and age. I had NEVER had heart problems before this.

1.5 hours after the shot I became acutely ill. Flushed red face, severe headache at the base of my skull, pressure in my head. Those were my first symptoms. I went to the ER... they wanted to do a lumbar puncture to rule out clots. I declined because my head felt so bad, I couldn't imagine a spinal tap headache on top of it all.

Over the weeks I suffered greatly. I've had a fever for 128 days (it's August 26th now). I've been in and out of the hospital. I've been to countless specialists and had so many tests I can't think straight. I cannot work. I live off the kind donations of others. Here's a list of all my symptoms I live with in various order through each day. New symptoms appear also. 4 months in and I'm still declining.

•Severe headache at the base of my skull

•severe vertigo


•facial flushing

•sore gums (like they're on fire)

•bleeding gums

•disassociation (out of body experience)

•tremor in my right hand

•tingling in my arms and hands


•unexplained sudden high blood pressure not responding to meds

•daily fever that doesn't respond to meds (99.1-101 sometimes)

•constant pressure in my head

•severe tinnitus

•constant need to pop my ears

•pressure in my spine

•double vision, blurred vision

•memory loss and cognition issues (brain fog)

•numbness in my right leg. Feels I'm dragging a bag of sand

•pain and stiffness in my muscles

•facial drooping that comes and goes

•speech disturbance that comes and goes

•the feeling of bugs crawling on my skin

•full body painful goosebumps

•the feeling of raindrops on my skin

•a severe migraine that presents on my left side. Feels like someone is squeezing my optic nerve

•intermittent insomnia or fatigue

•vomiting from vertigo


•unable to walk without assistance

•intermittent loss of hearing left ear

•inability to swallow at times

•instability while walking

•feeling faint when I move too fast

•profuse random sweats

•mottled skin

•sensitivity to heat and sunshine

•random rashes on my face and ankles

•random spasms throughout my body

Today I have the headache, flush skin, spasms in my finger, eye and thigh. My eyes are seeing double. Everything is overlapped. I have 3 specialists appts pending. They think I may have MS. There are lesions on my brain. They keep checking me for blood clots because my D dimer is still over 600. The doctors have no idea how to make me well or how to stop this from destroying my body. I cannot work, shower, clean, walk, NOTHING without becoming sick. This is my life now. I may never walk without assistance again. I may never hike like I used to. Or work. Or swim. Or dance. And the saddest of all? I can't sing. My voice just won't do what I tell it to. Singing was my favorite thing in the world. No more.

-S.T. - Ohio"

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