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S.W – Texas

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



I’m 66 yrs old & received First Pfizer Feb 6, 2021- symptoms: fatigue, mild internal tremors, UTI. Went to Dr who said UTI is “Red Herring” & not caused from shot even though this was only the 2nd UTI in my whole life & I’ve spoken to many woman who got UTI post vaccine. I questioned receiving 2nd shot primarily b/c the internal shaking /tremors were very bothersome, my Dr insisted 2nd shot was necessary.

March 6- 2nd shot- terrible internal shaking started on day 3 - it felt like I swallowed my electric toothbrush! Difficult to function. I also had electrical tingling up & down the sides of my body and needle pricks all over (Paresthesia). Dr said it was ANXIETY & gave me Xanax. I only took one b/c it made me very depressed. It took a month for internal tremor symptoms to improve. The periodic electric shock waves up & down the sides of my body & needle pricks took 4 months. I feel blessed b/c some of the stories I’ve read are far worse than mine. I pray there are no long term effects.

-S.W. - Texas"

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