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S.W. – Utah

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine Wed. Aug 4th. That's a day I will never forget. I went to my local Walgreens for the shot. Moments after receiving the shot my ears began to ring very loudly and I felt like I was going to black out. The pharmacist was talking to me at the time so I stayed super focused on his words and hoped it would pass. That first sensation did subside and I waited my 15 minutes and left. I ran a few errands and picked up my grandson to have him with me for the day. About an hour after shot I was driving us home. The same sensation (ears ringing and feeling faint) came over me again. Fortunately I was only a block away from home so I was able to get us there safely. I had some food thinking maybe that would help. I spent the next few hours watching and playing with my 2 year old grandson. As the day went on the sicker I felt. Finally after 2 hours of trying to cope I had my daughter watch my grandson and I went to bed. I had heard that some people feel a bit under the weather for a few days after the vaccine so I thought it would pass. But from day on I have delt with dissiness, balancing problems, chest pains, shortness of breath, nausea, ear ringing, headaches, fevers, fatigue, heart palpitations, blood preasure reading low and high, and just not myself. At times these symptoms lessen and at times they are so intense I get extremely frightened for my healths future. 4 or 5 days after the shot I was so determined to work through this and kinda do a mind over matter additude, I did my life as normal as possible. Which consisted of errand running, housework, yard work etc. I did that consistently for 2 days solid. All along feeling sick and having a cold sweat but just pushing through. After doing this routine (normal) for 2 days by day three I felt so sick I scheduled a Dr. appointment. As my husband and I was getting ready to go to the car for the appointment I blacked out. He was able to get me out to the car eventually and took me to the clinic. As I was checking in I could not tell them my address nor verify my ins. I felt extremely weak and faint. They sent me straight to the ER. I had an mri, eeg, chest xray. blood work and urine sample done. All of which came back normal. They gave me to bottles of saline in an iv with some meds and basically sent me home saying ya your body did not like the shot. Sorry. We recommend you do not get the second shot. They also called in a prescription for vertigo and nausea. They told me to do a follow up visit with my physician. 5 days later I told him all I had been through. He said I'm not going to say it was or was not from the vaccine. I will treat your vertigo. He taught me the Epley maneuver and told me that would help my vertigo problems. He refilled the vertigo meds and sent me on my way. He did not acknowledge all the other issues I've been having including the fact that my BP reading they got was 167/94! My BP is awesome! I've always been around 120/80 or lower! Also my pulse has been really high and low. 45 lowest to 110 just by getting up and walking down my stairs. This is NOT MY NORMAL. I am an active wife, mom, grandma, and was a reading coach at an elementary school. I was headed back to school to teach at the end of Aug. My desire was to be completely vaccinated before I returned to work. I had read that the Delta variant was effecting children more and I was super concerned I'd add to that problem. I also was concerned for my two grandchildren that are very young. I regret everyday going in and receiving this vaccine. I have felt horrible and feel like I have no voice and not believed. My life has drastically changed. Each day is a challenge not to just go back to bed. I push every day to just live normal but I ultimately feel worse when I try to. I resigned from work and now spend my days focusing on the basics of taking care of my family and trying to feel better. I've never been against vaccines. My children have always been up to date on theirs and me as well. The only reason I hesitated to get this one was because of the urgency of getting it out. I was concerned there was not enough research done on it. Nobody around me had experienced a bad reaction so I went ahead with it. I can't even file a claim with HRSA. Nobody wants the responsibility for those individuals that did not do well with the vaccine.

-S.W. - Utah"

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