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Vaccine Injury of Sarah Tyler-Peterson

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Great. I felt healthy and happy. Typical stresses of life but I had energy to get through the day. I was looking forward to my upcoming 40th Birthday and the holidays.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Thursday Oct 19th
Flu and COVID Vaccine:
Received flu vaccine (Fluzone Quad Sonofi Pasteur LOT U8201BA Right Deltiod), and covid vaccine (Spikevax Moderna LOT 3030592 Left Deltoid). Felt normal, healthy that day.
Friday Oct 20th
Typical Post Vaccine Symptoms, only more intense compared to other vaccinations. Fever, Severe Muscle Pain, Headache, Dizziness.
Didnt sleep well that night, severe muscle aches, headache. Took Advil, went to work. Muscle and body aches worsened at work. Had trouble walking and standing up from a seated position. Temp was 101.9. Felt unsteady with standing, would stumble and have to catch myself. Took Tylenol went home and slept a lot.
Saturday Oct 21st
Extreme Fatigue, Anxiety:
Stayed in bed all day, slept a lot. Felt muscles aches improving, afebrile, mild headache. Some anxiety about upcoming EMDR therapy.
Sunday Oct 22nd
Improving Fatigue, Anxiety:
Muscle aches gone, mild lingering headache. Worried about EMDR appt that was the next day. Had a good day with kids and family.
Monday Oct 23rd
Insomnia, Anxiety:
Woke up at 3am, could not fall back asleep, panicky and feeling very foggy. Woke up husband, he helped calm me down. I had trouble remembering Lords Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance, couldnt recite. Couldnt remember what I had for dinner last night. Was able to fall back asleep. Had EMDR intake appt that morning, went well but felt increased anxiety and panic feelings all day (chest heaviness, pain with deep inspiration, SOB).
Tuesday Oct 24th
New sx: Difficulty Speaking, Left Facial and Arm Paresthesias, Vision Changes, Facial Erythema, Back Pain:
Woke up feeling ok. Slept normally. Was trying to speak to my son right after waking up, couldnt get the words out. Could think them, just couldnt get them to come out. It was like they were stuck in my throat, or my throat muscles were weak.
ED Visit @ WWH: Went to ED. MRI, CBC and CMP all normal. Developed vision changes while at ED and left eyelid and facial numbness. Speech improved by about 50% while at ED, did not resolve completely. Discharged home with instructions to follow up with my PMHNP and PCP.
That evening, facial erythema started. Bright, fire engine red, worse on left side, spread down into neck area. Felt like pins and needles. No new soaps, lotions, creams. Noticed more lower back pain, especially at night.
Wed Oct 25th
Improved: Speaking Difficulty (50% better)
Same: Left facial/arm paresthesias, Episodic Vision Changes
Worse: Dizziness with Falls, Weakness, Back Pain:
speech seems to be a bit better, paresthesias continue and are constant, weakness seems to be more obvious, more back pain-especially at night, fell getting out of the truck
Psych Visit: Saw PMHNP Selena Schmit for regular appt, referral for neurology placed, appt scheduled for Jan 2, 2024
Thur Oct 26th
Same: Speaking Difficulty, Left facial/arm paresthesias, Episodic Vision Changes
Worse: Dizziness with Falls, Weakness, Back Pain
speech seems same as yesterday, paresthesias continue and are constant, weakness seems to be more severe, back pain constant, fell backwards upon standing up from bending over this evening
Friday Oct 27th
Same: Speaking Difficulty, Left facial/arm paresthesias, Episodic Vision Changes, Back Pain, Dizziness
Worse: Weakness with extreme fatigue
New: Left eyelid and facial drooping, leg tremors
Left eyelid and face very numb, Jared and kids notice my face looks “funny”, my smile was different. Had difficulty walking into clinic due to weakness.
Episodic tremors in left leg started, worse with muscle fatigue, stress, and position changes
PCP Visit: Saw PCP Katie Carstes PAC,for followup from ED, was going to work on urgent referral for neurology, ordered back Xray, EGD and labs.
Sat Oct 28th
Resolved: Eyelid and Facial Drooping
Same: speaking issues (now 70% better), back pain, dizziness, episodic eyelid and face drooping
Worse: weakness/fatigue, dizziness, tremors
New: paresthesias now in BLU and BLE extremities
speech slightly improved-can get words out a bit easier but studders, continued face, arm and leg paresthesias-feel like in bucket of ice, extreme fatigue, needing help walking-using walker and office chair on wheels to get around

Sun Oct 29th
Same: speaking issues (about 80% better)
Worse: weakness, fatigue, tremors, paresthesias painful, red facial rash returned, skin peeling
ED Visit at WWH: Went to ED, labs done, nothing abnl, telehealth neuro consult with Dr. Sit from Allina Neurology. Given lorazepam for tremors, seemed to help. Saw vitamin B12 was 233 in beginning of October, feels some symptoms may be related to B12. Labs ordered. Didnt feel its Guillian-Barre, MS, Stroke, TIA, or Myasthesnia Gravis. Possibly Lymes. Admits possibility of reaction to vaccinations, says he has seen similar reactions in patinet this year. Also discussed functional neurological syndrome if all labs are normal and symtpoms do not resolve. Recommended starting B12 1000mcg IM. Follow up with PCP and keep neuro appt for Jan 2nd of symtpoms fail to improve.
Mon Oct 30th
Improved: tremors with using lorazepam and magnesium threonate
Same: speaking issues, weakness, fatigue, paresthesias
Worse: facial rash returned in the evening
Using walker and office chair to get around
Tue Oct 31st
Improved: tremors with using lorazepam and magnesium threonate
Same: speaking issues, weakness, fatigue, paresthesias
Worse: facial rash returned in the evening, skin peeling
New: significant symptoms with standing up - tachycardia with worsening dizziness
Struggling with standing up, feel extreme dizziness and palpitations, vision goes fuzzy, nausea, feel foggy and pounding head. Sometimes cheeks will get red. Use walker, and once I get walking it starts to feel a bit better. Tried to stand at sink to brush teeth and had to sit down.
Checked and HR will be 70s lying down and increase to 110s with standing, lying or siting down will bring HR back to 70s.
Functional Medicine Consult: Dr. Nash, recommended FLCCC post-vaccine syndrome protocol, ordered labs
Wed Nov 1st
Started FLCCC I-Recover Post Vaccine Protocol
All symptoms continue to remain or worsen. I can't be let alone, I need help bathing and walking. I can't cook or care for my 3 children.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Lorazepam and Magnesium for tremors

Which solutions were not helpful?

Rest, time

What would you like others to know?

That post vaccine syndrome is real and needs to be taken seriously.

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