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Vaccine Injury of Shannon Brewer

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was healthy and had a fairly active social life. Loved to garden, ride 4 wheelers and be with friends on a regular basis.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

1st vaccine I had it seems the typical reaction with symptoms of flu and tiredness. After the first 12 hours I started to feel better except for the stomachaches. I took the 2nd vaccine a month later and noticed on the second that after vaccine stomach pain and aches increased along with constipation, acid reflux, nausea, vomiting, chronic fatigue, dizziness, joint pain, and back pain. I am currently still dealing with these symptoms.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Trying accupuncture and cupping with a little relief. Have not found a really effective solution as of yet.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Working with Gi docs who have no clue what to do for you! Using multiple different medications with no specific diagnosis. Pains meds that don't help with pain.

What would you like others to know?

That they are not alone, there are a multitude of us out here searching for solutions and if we can just keep working together, we are bound to find those solutions.

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