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T.G. – Florida

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


On 08/03/21 working on a covid unit as an RN I decided to receive my first vaccine. Immediately after receiving my vaccine I returned back to my unit and within 30 minutes I was wheeled to the emergency dept because I became short of breath, feeling faint and confused, and my arms and legs locked into a ""seizure"" like position while in excruciating tingling pain. I temporarily lost my motor functions and released the next day. By the following day I began to have hand twitching and involuntary head movement and brain fog. As the days progressed I began to have stuttering and slow speech increased involuntary head movement and loss of coordination in my hands, and increased brain fog where I would be speaking and completely go blank and just stare. I returned 3 days later to th ER because I was scared at this point and was getting worse. I was worked up to rule out stroke then was admitted for further testing, however, the Dr was not very convinced it was the vaccine and made me feel like I was a waste of time. Well that feeling did not go away for me and my husband as I saw countless Dr's look at me and already ruling it out as anxiety or the medical term ""Functional Neurogical Disorder"" which basically means it's all in my head. I have to admit one doctor that saw me stated to the nurse as he was walking out of my room that what was happening with me needs to be investigated and reported if necessary to the CDC and I never saw him again after that day. It makes me feel like the ones who believe something is wrong are shut down and disappear. I was in the hospital for five days with no improvement and discharged to follow up with a neurologist, my PCP, and a rheumatologist due to some abnormal labs which are concerning at this point because I came back positive for rheumatoid arthritis and a blood clotting factor came back elevated which the hospital doctors seemed to not care about. It is now August 27th and I no longer have the involuntary head movements or hand twitching, however, I still get brain fogs especially when I am having a good day and try to get as much as I can done and suddenly my Brain puts me in a time out as I call it. I now daily muscle and joint pain that puts me in bed for 2 days at times. Also, I have tics throughout the day and most nights my body feels restless thru the night. I pray that our voices are heard and thank you for acknowledging us. WE ARE REAL!

-T.G. - Florida"

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