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T.R. – Utah

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


No major health issues, over weight/pre-diabetic. I had Covid 11/11/2020. I received the 1st shot 2/21. Fever and chills the next day. 2nd shot 3/21. Woke up the next day feeling fine. At 10AM, I started getting dizzy. I thought maybe I had vertigo and got on the floor to do maneuvers. The minute I stood up the room went black and started spinning out of control. I was near the couch and laid on it but couldn't move from the spinning. Within an hour, I started vomiting all over myself from the spinning. Called 911. My vitals were good. They gave me an anti-nausea medicine and left. My son came home from school around 3:30PM and helped me to the bathroom/bedroom. After this, I could walk from bed to bath if I stared at the floor. The next morning, I could walk if I looked at the floor. By the 3rd day, I was walking upright but was still dizzy. I have had bouts of dizziness off and on for the last 5 months. Have gone to the ENT, a balance center, and will be getting an MRI mid-August. I can feel it in my ears though. No one seems to be listening to that. My ears pop all the time. I am taking prescription FloNase and started taking CBD because of the anxiety this has caused (had a full fledged panic attack while driving).

-T.R. - Utah"

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