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Tanya Koenig

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What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was healthy , vibrant , successful , active and happy person .

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

In June 2021, I received the Covid vaccine Johnson & Johnson at the airport, not long after receiving a vaccine. I started to have burning sensations going through my body like a heat wave and couple of weeks after receiving an after receiving a vaccine I’ve had my first TIA. I fail down walking down the hallway , which is very unusual for me being in an rxellent athletic form . My left shoulder was frozen and I had hard time using my left arm .I did not go to the hospital as I did not know what happened I was very confused and disoriented . The following weeks I start feeling very tired. I started to feel intense, burning sensation in the left side of my head, and a very strong headache. I started to feel nauseous , lightheaded and fatigued daily . My personality began to change . I started to be impatient, irritable and had hard time controlling my emotions which is not of my normal character . I began to isolate myself from people . In October 2021 I’ve had another episode TIA where I no longer could read and understand texts. And a week later another one . I’ve had bad headache , only on the left side of my head , and it felt like it is on fire . Pain in the left shoulder , arm and left side of face , neck and head . I felt weak and like I have some sort of cold or flu . In January I received a booster . This time it was a Moderna vaccine . And I had a bad flu like reaction . I felt arthritic pain in my knees . I was sick in bed for about two weeks . And then I’ve had what I think was a stroke . I didn’t go to the hospital because I couldn’t understand what’s happening. I live by myself . I could no longer speak , or understand what I am reading . I could not get dressed , or prepare a simple meal. I had major brain fog , and a mental impairment. Standing up would make me dizzy , and I ave had vertigo . My vision got affected and I’ve started to see flashes of light . I got double vision . At one point my left eye was looking slightly sideways . I got facial drop on one side of my face that my computer stopped to recognize me . Right now I have pots, fatty and enlarged liver , periodic limb disorder , aphasia, post malaise , loss of peripheral vision , loss of smell and taste , pre diabetec , extreme exhaustion) , and I have a few more undiagnosed conditions
PS : I need help to better organize this . I had brain injury due to I believe Covid vaccine . It’s better now but it’s still difficult to write , compose sentences .

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Cold shower , micro-current stimulation , steroids , immunosstimylants , peptides , nootropics , antivirals , electrolytes, placenta , massage . I have many notes on different treatments but having difficulties with focus and composition of sentences as a result of Tia

What would you like others to know?

Peptides help , nootropics help and your injury is real

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