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V.W. – Ontario

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


​I received the COVID vaccine around 8pm on June 1st, around 1am that evening I woke up with numbness/tingly feeling on my left leg, arm and right side of my stomach. I went into the ER that evening, and they suggested that the nurse who administered the needle might have hit a nerve. The following days I felt fine, until about three days later the numbness came back in my arms. I flew to Calgary the next day, that evening there was extreme numbness in both my legs. The following day (June 9th), the right side of my face was numb and felt droopy. I went to the ER again that evening, they suggested anxiety or a lack of B12, but ran no tests. The numbness continued to persist. Last week (June 25th) I went to get my blood taken at a local clinic, my results came back normal. The numbness continues everyday, always in different parts of my body. It comes in waves and lasts for hours, sometimes all day. I have experienced the numbness most often in my hands/ arms and right side of my face, but I also experience it in my legs, chin, cheek bone, etc. I also suffer from mild brain fog and a feeling of pressure wrapped around my head, as well as an increase in gas since the vaccine administration. I am very concerned and worried that this will persist or get worse.

-V.W. - Ontario

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