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Valerie Mathijsen Palay

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Carefree Active Super active Strong Confident No health worries

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

It started after a flight to Hawaii from SC, I sat next to a young woman who was super sick and coughed constantly. The next day I couldn’t get out of bed I had such severe aches and pains throughout my body in every joint and every muscle that I had no strength or will to get out of bed. I instantly knew I had Covid so I went and got tested, but the test came out negative, I stayed in bed for a few days and could not get better, so I decided to go to an urgent care again and once again, I did not test positive but some of my results came out very high notable in my information. Markers were off the charts. A girlfriend of mine recommended I take ivermectin And lots of vitamins which I did but unfortunately I was still under a lot of pain upon my return from Hawaii. If you weeks later, I went to my doctor and he prescribe medication and here we are after having gone to five different doctors and being treated by a rheumatologist for inflammation and pain , today I have horrible tingling in my arms. I get up with very inflamed “hotdog” fingers, pain running up and down my arms, and weak wrists. I have shoulder pain and developed knee pain (but got a shot for that). My hip hurts and I have muscle aches, stiffness and pain and have lost muscle strength. I’ve put on weight. I can’t do yoga anymore. I have constant inflammation in my joints. I can’t sleep very well. I have this “humming” constant pain throughout my body that is relentless, it does not stop. The only thing that works really is for me to go out and do something to keep my brain off my pain. I tried numerous supplements. I tried the hyperbaric chamber, but nothing really worked. My RA markers are low, they say. I developed brain fog and my sight has gotten worse. I have been fighting depression. But as a Life Coach I have to constantly remind myself that I’m alive and it could be worse… Also I deeply believe this must go away as it once came! I am not ready to admit I have a “condition”… I have less clients today as my brain is like mush. My self confidence is t too bad as I reason with myself. I started doing artwork to also keep myself busy and to be less stressed. I pray more, go to church more often and started studying the Bible. Spirituality is key! I don’t really talk about my “case” to others and thank God have a supportive husband. My doctors have said I have: an autoimmune reaction to the vaccine, fibromyalgia, Polymialgia Rheumatica or PMR, a spike Protein induced disease. Timeline: #1Vaccine on #2 Vaccine Tested positive for Covid in January 2022 Tested positive for Covid in July 2022 Severe debilitating symptoms started on July 6th 2022.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Prednisone! I started with 40mg of prednisone in July 2022 and am down to 5, but should be on a higher dose. I started getting super depressed after putting on weight and getting a moon face, so we lowered my doses and added Celebrex, put to no avail. I am now trying Hydroxychloroquine 200mg 2x/day and can’t wait to see if that helps.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Hyperbaric chamber = costly and not effective Too many supplements = upset my stomach and there were so many I’m not sure any made a difference except that my hair and nails are stronger than before (the only saving Grace here!) Listening to other people who kindly offered “expert medical” advice, but only added to the frustration. I tried Hemp oil and CBD but really neither helped. Sometimes a CBD cream does when I apply it on my wrists. I tried numbing the pain with alcohol but I know better do no, I tried smoking pot but I don’t like to loose control. I wish there was a numbing drug I could have and still be able to live actively.

What would you like others to know?

Get help! Talk about it. Do not let your aches and pains affect your brain, moods and mental health. Keep trying to find the solution by educating yourself. Everyone is different. You are no less affected than someone else and what works for one is t cooks cutter for you…
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