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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I am a 46 year old female. My only health issue before the vaccine was fibromyalgia (which was pretty controlled for the most part) & varicose veins.

I received my first vaccine - Moderna on May 18 in Newfoundland, Canada. 1 1/2 days later I was in emerg with a rash on the right side of my face and mild swelling of my cheek, chin & tongue. The dr said it was a mild reaction to the vaccine but nothing to worry about, just take Benadryl for a few days. After that I started getting severe dry mouth no matter how much I drank it didn't relieve it at all. I then ended up with excess saliva and was drooling a lot. Ended up at the dentist who diagnosed me with a tooth infection, antibiotics for 7 days. They never really done anything for me.

Fast forward to June 9 when my life changed drastically. Around 10pm that night I was getting a snack when I felt a tingling in my mouth. Thinking I may be taking a reaction to a new food I ate I took Benadryl but kept feeling worse in the moments that followed. My husband gave me Ativan thinking I may be having a panic attack but things just weren't feeling right - the right side of my body just felt off. We got ready & went to emerg. As we got closer to the hospital my right side felt heavy & weak. I was also very nauseous. After I registered I turned to sit down and collapsed. The right side of my body was in partial paralysis. I thought I was having a stroke & was going to die. It was the most scared I have ever been in my life. They put me in a wheelchair & took me straight to emerg where they done an exam to see if it was stroke related. I could not function. The dr said I was having an allergic reaction. He gave me more Benadryl, a shot of steroids & something for the severe nausea I was having., watched me for an hour and sent me home. The next morning I was back at emerg not feeling any better & very weak. They done bloodwork, ekg & my blood pressure. All were good. In this time I started to have tremors mostly in my left arm & I was shaking like I was cold but I wasn't. They gave me Ativan to settle me down. They sent me home as they could not diagnose me. The next night I ended up in emerg again & tests were ran but no diagnosis. The internist was notified & I was set up for a CT scan the next week to make sure that I never suffered a stroke. All was clear. Since that time I found this group, notified my family dr & my internist of my findings, also the public health in our province. I am slated for an MRI & a carotid artery ultrasound.

The symptoms I have suffered & still do are: rash on right side of face, swelling of chin, cheek, tongue, severe fatigue, partial paralysis on right side of body, overall uncomfortableness in my body, weakness in my extremities on the right side, trouble speaking due to the weakness & excess saliva, tingling, numbness, pins & needles on the right side (face, arm, leg, chest), burning eyelids, nauseous, shaking but not cold, tremors, high anxiety, weight loss (still have trouble eating certain foods), acid reflux so bad that as soon as food touched my mouth it felt like I was going to choke, double vision, dry mouth, headaches, cramps, light headedness, scratchy throat, even though I have an IUD and only spot every 8-12 weeks I went about 3 weeks with a heavier bleeding, burning & heaviness in my legs where it is sometimes hard to stand or walk.

I now am on anxiety meds ( 2 kinds) & an acid reflux pill.


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