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Will Wingert

Tagged with: POTS, Fatigue,

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Active. I liked to walk swim go to the gym go out with friends. I had been recovering from a hip replacement and was hoping to start surfing again with my friends and daughter

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

I awoke 3 days later with my hips and lumbar spine on fire. Interestingly I had in August had either PRP or stem cells injected into each hip and my lumbar spine and although they were my stem cells and PRP from my body this is where the burning began. It progressed into neuropathy that comes from those areas and spreads up and down my body. After about a month it started slowly getting worse with exercise. Then it got so bad I couldn't exercise anymore. Then it progressed into autonomic nervous system dysfunction with adrenaline dumps that made me feel like I literally was going to die. My BP went to 200/110 once. I began to shiver for no reason and I began to feel more sick than I've ever felt in my life. I truly couldn't leave bed and thought I was going to die or ask for assisted suicide. The timeline from onset to its worst was just less than 4 months. My blood had become so clumped that they had trouble getting IVs on me. A lab test 4 months after vaccination showed my non nucleocapsid S1 (spike protein) level to be over 25,000 U/ml. The early studies said this couldn't happen. No nucleocapsid means it is from the vaccine. Ridding my body of these proteins is going to take a long time. Hopefully my body is not still making them.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Initially HBOT helped the burning but then it didn't anymore. I tried hard shell medical grade HBOT with the goal of 40 90 minute sessions at 2 ATA 5 times a week. It felt at times like it was making the nueropathy worse so I stopped. Abandoned by the mainstream healthcare system I turned to FLCCC. I am about one week into triple anticoagulation, IVM 9mg 3 times a day and a mountain of supplements. I have not felt sick in 4 days. I have not had a serious adrenaline dump in about 7 days. I also began intermittent fasting on an 18-6 pattern. That might be the thing that is helping the most along with the anticoagulation. I eat only between 12-6pm. Following a low histamine diet. I am taking resveratrol and spermidine to support the intermittent fasting. Behavioral modification and stress management has been important as has learning ways to breathe and calm my brain down when the burning gets bad. I have to regulate my physical activity in a day. The progress seems like it will be glacially slow. Yesterday I was able to walk around my entire neighborhood about .75 mile with no dizziness and no burning. Had to go slow. Platinum red lights 5 minutes front and back twice a day.

Which solutions were not helpful?

NSAIDs did nothing for me. HBOT helped at first but made it worse. At first I thought this was all inflammation, and I tried using ice. That made nerves unhappy. contrast therapy, NSAIDS, Ozone, HBOT

What would you like others to know?

1. This can happen! And it is happening in far larger numbers than I would have realized. It is not being reported 2. If you notice ANYTHING that doesn't seem right get help early. Mainstream medicine is likely not going to help you - you might get lucky though - my experience with mainstream medicine has not been good. I"m done with them for now - look to people like Dr. Kory and his people 3. Try and assemble some support system if you can. This could resolve quickly or it could last a long time and having caring others around me has been important. 4. Don't overlook the power of cognitive behavioral therapy
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