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P.E. – Texas

Texas, United States
Vaccine: Pfizer
"8/11/21Hi Everyone.First I am not anti vax . I am not anti science. I am pro facts and accountability.I am a bottle blonde female of 73 (thou I te...

M.L. – Arizona

Arizona, United States
Vaccine: Pfizer
"8/12/21I'm a clotter, usually, not a bleeder, and had myself on grape seed extract, along with arginine and vitamin C (because of an MI+stroke I h...

A.C. – California

California, United States
"8/12/21The next day I had severe chills and localized headaches. Ten days later my entire upper body swelled and two front ribs popped out. The he...

M.H. – Texas

Texas, United States
"8/11/21Life was good, my health was very good and I never got sick. As a caregiver for my wife I have been in and out of the hospital all the time...

M.M. – Wisconsin

Wisconsin, United States
Vaccine: Moderna
"8/12/21I received my first Moderna vaccine on 1/6/21 with no noticeable side effects, besides the expected arm pain. I received my second dose on ...

K.O. – Virginia

Virginia, United States
Vaccine: Moderna
"8/12/21I am a 51 year old female and had no health issues prior to the first (and only) Moderna vaccine that I received on 3/8/21. I lived a wonde...

N.S. – Virginia

Virginia, United States
" 8/12/21 30 hours after receiving vaccine woke coughing up blood. Had significant difficulty breathing that lasted about 90 min and returned to...

A.K. – Colorado

Colorado, United States
"8/12/21Long story to tell here, but here is my summary. I received the JJ vaccine in early April 2021 and, after the initial bad headache the nigh...

T.S. – Minnesota

Minnesota, United States
"8/12/21I'm so relieved that I'm not alone. I was taken to ER the day after my 2nd shot. I had severe brain fog and they thought I'd had a heart at...

J.Z. – Wisconsin

Wisconsin, United States
Vaccine: Pfizer
"8/12/21Hi All- this is just an update to my original post. Since receiving my 2nd shot of Pfizer on 4/25 I have numbness/ burning pain in my feet,...

B.B. – Kentucky

Kentucky, United States
Vaccine: Moderna
"8/12/21I recieved the first Moderna vaccine on May 8th, 2021. I immediately felt pain in the upper right back (same side as the shot). About 4 hou...

R.M. – New York

New York, United States
"8/12/21The day after my first jab at the end of February I woke up with swollen lymph nodes under my left arm and in the left side of my neck. It ...

L.R. – Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, United States
"8/11/21​My husbamd had his second shot on April 22. Four weeks later on May 24th he started convulsing and turned blue. He had dark red blood comi...

M.C. – California

California, United States
"8/11/21​I received the Jansen vaccine and 26 hours later I blacked out and had black Stools (after I cane to) which means bleeding out. my husband...

K.W. – Delaware

Delaware, United States
"7/3/21​I received the J&J vaccine on April 9, 2021. I was a healthy 59 year old with acid reflux and high cholesterol. I exercised regularly. ...