Jorge G. R. // California, USA // Moderna


Date of vaccine: 10/28/2021

Date of death: 11/21/2021

Age: 71



Vaccine Lot #s: 047C21A      Was the death reported to VAERS?: No       Was the death reported to vSafe?: No


Timeline of events leading up to the death 

My husband Jorge had a letter from work three weeks prior to getting the shot, stating that he needs to comply with the company’s mandate and fail to do so he will lose his job.He had the Moderna Covid 19 shot on October 28/2021.


Describe in more detail your loved one’s symptoms and timeline of their reactions until their passing.

After receiving the Covid19 shot on 10/28/2021 the symptoms began at the second day, headaches, body aches, fever, but he was told those are to be expected as side effects of the vaccine, on 11/05/2021 I send an e-mail to his primary doctor letting him know that his symptoms were getting worst because now he started to have chest pain, vomiting and diarrhea, I mentioned that I was concern of the so called normal side effects of the Vaccine, he dismissed my concerns, however he ordered an X-ray and aCovid19 test, I took him to the hospital they confirm he was Positive for Covid19, the doctored ordered some Antibiotics and Albuterol and told us he needs to isolate.On 11/06/2021 I again e-mail his doctor stating that it’s been 9 days already and his condition didn’t improved he was now having trouble breathing, I received a phone call from his Partner he spoke briefly with my husband and then told me to bring him to the ER he also dismissed my claims about the vaccine giving him Covid. He spent about 10 days in the ICU and on Nov 16 of 2021 he was taken to the CCU and intubated, passed away on 11/21/2021 (Respiratory failure, bradycardia and sepsis).I enquired the facts that before receiving the vaccine people doesn’t get to be tested before, and my husband was ok before getting the vaccine, he was a Janitor downtown San Francisco for over a year and a half he was exposed into getting Covid even when he had three workers at his station having Covid in 2020, he did not get it. Immediately getting the vaccine became sick and died alone because he was isolated and no one from the family was there when he took his last breath.


Tell us about your loved one and what you want people to know about them. How do you want them to be remembered?

My husband was a loving caring individual, husband and father, he was a musician in his free time, he is been missed always.


What would you like others to know?

I would like others to know that before getting this specific vaccine question and not blindly get it, my husband did not have a choice because he was “Coerced” into getting it, also vaccines are vectors they test your system, I firmly believe this shot gave my husband Covid19.


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