Vaccine Injury of A.M. – Arizona // Entry#748


I tested positive for Covid on January 8, 2021. My case was mild but my symptoms never stopped and continue to progress into stranger and more uncomfortable symptoms. After my first vaccine in April I noticed changes within 24 hours. Very strange ones at that. In addition my second vaccine in May was almost is almost a direct repeat. Ever since then things have declined quickly. I’ve had progressive neuromuscular weakness, my symptoms manifest very much like myasthenia gravis however most of my tests have been negative. Except for a small fiber neuropathy, postganglionic Sympathetic Sudomotor impairment And a slightly elevated GAD antibody. Ive been poked and prodded so many times I’ve lost count. In addition to Multiple imaging at one point almost weekly. No one seems to want to assist in treatment even though I’m getting weaker especially in the diaphragm by the day. This is obviously making breathing much more difficult. This Sensation truly feels like I’ve been hit with a neurotoxin. In addition I have: severe brain fog, concentration issues , central sleep apnea, vision problems, hearing issues, paresthesia, muscle burning and cramping, taste issues, and G.I. complications, This has been extremely frightening and I’m i’m hoping one of my physicians will try immunotherapy to stop the progression. (please excuse my phrasing in spelling as this has been another difficulty and result of my fog.

-A.M. – Arizona