Vaccine Injury of A.S. – Nova Scotia // Entry#452


Date of Vaccine: 5/27/2021



On May 27 I received my first shot of Moderna. The procedure was quick and painless and I had no immediate reactions. As expected my arm became a bit painful over the next days but very doable. Pain went away but after a week I noticed a different kind of pain: nerve pain and not just in the vaccinated arm but both arms. Whether my arm is in rest or in use the pain is there. Not a debilitating pain but rather uncomfortable and ever present. I also started to notice similar nerve pain in one leg! I further noticed to have sweat chills at night waking up regularly which is rare for one who is a solid sleeper. I am only 5 weeks in but based on this decided not to continue and hold off on a second dose of the vaccine.

-A.S. Nova Scotia – Canada”