Chris Jacobs // Maryland, USA // Pfizer



Date of vaccine: 04/07/2021

Date of injury:05/01/2021




What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Very active, father of 3, All-met athlete, played lacrosse in college, up until last summer, played golf 4 days a week, racket sports, snow skiing, etc


Describe your symptoms and the timeline of your reaction 

It started with what I Thought was vertigo, golf games start to fall apart, mobility slowed, was off balance


Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms 

Finally went to ER in sept 21. They found lesions through out spine and brain. Transferred me to Johns Hopkins- was treated with heavy steroids which helped but every time I would taper off, the inflammation would come back worsening the symptoms
Did 3 course of 1000mg over 4 months. Added cellcept in Feb 22. Ivig in July 23
Lesions then took over the lungs. Currently in the icu


Which solutions were not helpful?


What would you like others to know?

That this Al started after getting my second vaccine


Story entry number: 236


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