Vaccine Injury of D.V. – Arizona // Entry#969

From the moment I received even the first Vaccine, I tasted some odd taste in mouth (metallic?)
After the 2nd vaccine I put myself to bed early as I was feeling unwell. I woke up with severe pains in the middle of my gut ..
Then I started having dry heaves and severely vomiting a dark color bile for many hours .I have not felt well since!
From the day after the 2nd vaccine I began waking up at night with vibrations in my lower intestines, to my stomach- moving to my organs and my heart. The cardiologist thought it was flutters related to superventricular tachycardia. And I had an ablation. That did nothing for me. I still wake up every single solitary night with a vibration going from my left leg up to my lower intestines, my organs, my stomach, my right side organs, (kidneys?) ,my heart & neck- along with head. I have severe burning in my lungs each night or morning and it wakes me up shaky and breathless. This seems to be a positional issue.
No one will help me !
All Drs are clueless ! They knew that I had an IGA selective disorder and am living with fungal issues from
Valley Fever and parasitic issues! My Dr even pushed me to get a booster but from a different pharmaceutical co than Moderna …. Really ?
I don’t know how much longer I can live this way 😞
Please help !

-D.V. – Arizona”