Danielle Piéton // Airvault, France // Moderna



Date of vaccine: 1/18/2022

Date of injury: 1/19/2022



What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was a very fit and healthy person who enjoyed frequent road cycling with a club, along with a very active lifestyle. I had no history of heart issues, in fact the only health issue I’d ever had was a cyst twisted around my fallopian tube necessitating a hysterectomy.


Describe your symptoms and the timeline of your reaction 

When I woke up the day after my booster dose I felt sick, had vertigo and was breathless. The only symptoms I noticed after my first two doses was dizziness after standing, and a peculiar racing heart for no reason. However, the booster dose put me straight into intensive care, where they eventually fitted me with a permanent pacemaker to treat unexplained AV block 3.
A year later, I can tell you that this has been the worst year of my life and I’m amazed to still be alive. I’ve had intense vertigo for 8 months; head pressure for almost 12 months, where I’ve felt like I need to drill a hole in my skull; chest pressure/tightness, breathlessness, fatigue, exercise intolerance, dizziness, feeling like I’m going to faint. Probnp blood test was elevated in July, suggesting heart disease-all other tests normal including lumbar puncture and various MRIs.


Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms 

Rest, rest, rest.
Vestibular therapy, x5 daily sessions for months resolved vertigo (but not dizziness). The vertigo felt like I was stuck on a boat.
Good hydration with electrolytes. Also felt temporarily better with saline drip.


Which solutions were not helpful?

I’ve taken masses of supplements, mainly from FLCCC recommendations, but having kept a daily record of symptoms, I cannot say if any of them helped or not.


What would you like others to know?

Even if you only had a tiny reaction to this vaccine so far, this doesn’t mean you won’t have a fatal or devastating reaction to a further dose.


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