Dicte Erritzor // Copenhagen, Denmark // Pfizer



/Date of vaccine: 7/1/2021

Date of injury: 7/1/2021




What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Normal health, normal life. Only sensitive to chemicals and allergic to others.


Describe your symptoms and the timeline of your reaction 

Went to ER two days later with sensation of pins and needles all over my body. Was told it could be sudden hypothyroidism developed coincidently same day of vaccination. Blood tests the following week were normal and there was no hypothyroidism diagnosed. Time passed and it was mainly in my left side of the face. My menstrual cycle was delayed 5 weeks and when it came – it never ended!.. Or almost. It lasted for 10 months – with heavy blood flows every 2-3 months so I had to pass by the hospital for pills to stop the bleeding and check ups. Got all biopsies done and all good. The diagnosis I got was ‘age’. I was 47 years old.

Then one day it stopped and my cycle came back again to its normal rythm. My paresthesia lasted about 5 months.
I don’t suffer from neither paresthesia nor heavy bleeding anymore- so I’m back to normal, but my life was hijacked for 10 months being completely out of energy and feeling very restricted from having a normal life. It was actually impossible.


Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms 

Vitamines and anti inflammatory food.


Which solutions were not helpful?

Taking about giving me hormones..
I knew it was related to the vaccine and a reaction to this as it came straight after and with no history of unormal bleeding prior. Nor had I ever even heard of paresthesia before.


What would you like others to know?

That this happens and listen to your body – not the stigma.
My doctor listened though and had no doubt it was the vaccine as she saw it among many of her clients. But I took the price, she said. Therefore biopsies and thorough check ups were also done.


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