Gemma R. // UK // Pfizer


Vaccine Date: 01-12-21

Injury Date: 01-12-21



Describe your Symptoms and the timeline of your reaction.

Instantly felt nausea, vibrations through my legs, rapid heart rate, dizzy and light headed. Over a period of 5 weeks, high temperature, nausea, loss of appetite, inflammation in my chest, chest pain, rapid heart rate, heart palpitations, vivid nightmares, sleep problems, constipation, weight loss, hair loss, memory problems, tremors, problems maintaining body temperature, skin sensitivity, mouth sores, loss of taste and smell, chronic sore throat, swallowing problems, anxiety, mood instability. Caught covid 5 weeks after and all these symptoms continued and have been for 14 months. I believe I’m still poorly because of the vaccine.


Describe the Solutions that helped your Symptoms?

Time, pacing, healthy diet, meditation, vitamin tablets, pain killers. Tried lots of different medications over the past 14 months nothing really helped.


Which Solutions weren’t helpful?

Pacing, rest, light exercise, therapy, mindfulness and acceptance


What would you like others to know?

I would strongly advise people to research what is going into their body and the potential harm it may cause. I feel for some people this vaccine is causing long covid. Probably women, aged 25-40 who are fit, healthy and active are at most risk of this type of reaction. Don’t let health professionals make you believe your reaction is all in your head and psychosomatic.


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