Vaccine Injury of K.O. – Virginia // Entry#735


I am a 51 year old female and had no health issues prior to the first (and only) Moderna vaccine that I received on 3/8/21. I lived a wonderful life filled with travel, church events, community service events and family gatherings. Additionally, at my job which I have had for over 33 years, I received the Director’s award for meritorious achievement. As soon as I received the vaccine I immediately felt shooting pains in my right eye and noticed red blood vessels had busted on my eyeball and I began experiencing light and sound sensitivity as well as a strong sense of smell.. The next day I woke up to horrible acid reflux, nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps and stabbing stomach pains as well as neck pains and throbbing in the back left side of my head. Two days later a cold sore appeared on my upper lip. I then developed insomnia, anxiety, nerve pains and vomiting as well as a metal taste in my mouth and sore, swollen tongue. I also began having muscle spasms in my legs. The diarrhea which lasted 6 week caused a large amount of weight loss (eventually totaling 72 pounds). When the diarrhea subsided, the shooting neuropathy in my legs, arms and torso began. After about 7 weeks my eyes began to start having shooting pains and my vision was effected so I went to an optometrist who diagnosed me with eye inflammation and prescribed steroid eye drops, Then I began to have tremors in the occipital region of my head when laying down as well as body shaking and muscle and joint pains,. I have also had memory issues and brain fog as well as ear popping. I then developed bulging veins on my feet, hands, neck and face.
A number of blood tests have been run and the only findings have been a low auto immune marker (which I did not have prior to the vaccine). I have been to a multitude of doctor appointments which include 3 hospital emergency room visits, 2 primary care visits, 3 walk-in clinics, gastro-interologist, allergist, rheumatologist and naturopathic doctor. I am currently on 3 1/2 months of steroids to try to reduce inflammation but the symptoms are increasing in severity and new symptoms continue to arise daily.

​-K.O. – Virginia”