Ken M. // Illinois, USA // Pfizer



Date of vaccine: 12/16/2021

Date of injury: 12/19/2021



What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Very active, worked out 6 days a week. Ran Spartan races. Fairly healthy- 6’3″, 200 #’s.
Got Covid in Dec. 2020, mild case – most issues were respiratory, congestion, and fatigue which continued for several months.
Received 1st vax 3/16/21, 2nd vax 4/13/21, Booster 12/16/21
Thought the issues I had after the 1st vax were still Long Covid but realized later that they were completely new issues that had came up. My pulmonologist told me to get the Booster based on Omnicron.


Describe your symptoms and the timeline of your reaction 

After 1st vax-mild tinnitus, dizzy, light headed
After 2nd vax – severe leg and hip pain added
After Booster – tingling/numbness in hands and feet, sometimes shooting pains, hot/cold sensations in my lower legs


Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms 

I have tried the FLCCC protocol including Ivermectin and even Maraviroc and the supplements. The Ivermectin and Maraviroc I took in August of 2021 helped with the leg pain, and the tinnitus lessened greatly from that. Only took Ivermectin for 4 weeks, so some muscle aches continued after that.
Remaining symptoms are hands and feet feeling dulled, hot/cold sensations. Tried Maraviroc and Plavix again in July of 2022, and it seemed to lessen those issues but not eliminate. Stopped Plavix 11/21/22 and am weaning off the Maraviroc.


Which solutions were not helpful?

As I have stopped taking the Plavix, I have noticed some increase in symptoms that I thought had gone away. I have tried a lot of things so it’s hard sometimes to know what is working and not. It is interesting that things are coming back after coming off of the Plavix.


What would you like others to know?

It seems to get better over time and there are good days in addition to the bad days. Keep trying.


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