Lisa Grioli // Connecticut, USA // Moderna



Date of vaccine: 8/27/2021

Date of injury: 8/27/2021




What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Energetic 52 yr old who loved life . I was a Recreation Director at a senior living facility who danced , sang , laughed with my residents all day long . A wife , mother of two daughters , grandmother of 4 Beautiful grand babies . A daughter who cared for for elder parents who I moved them
Into my home prior to my mandated vaccine . I miss my old self every single second of every day .


Describe your symptoms and the timeline of your reaction 

2 hours after I started having heart palpitations .. by the next morning I woke up with pins and needles all over and I could barely walk . I ended up with no muscle strength and in a wheel chair for several months. Cognitively I was not able to function . I was diagnosed with encephalopathy , SNF , POTS, Dysautonomia , sinus tachycardia , alopecia and possible CIPD. There is no description that I can explain the pain that I suffered. I felt like glass and razor blades was in my back while my entire body was on fire . A living hell is my best description .


Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms 

Today I think supplements , EBOO , Ivermectin, LDN , HBOT have need the most beneficial


Which solutions were not helpful?



What would you like others to know?

Never ever take this poison ! I wish someone would have actually shared the possible side effects , I wish my government never mama dated tgis as I would have never taken this because I had covid the year prior and completely recovered . I spent numerous days after being in Covid positive rooms daily and never fell it’s because I had the natural
Antibodies .


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