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Strategic Director

Jessica Moon

Jessica Moon is a business administration and marketing professional of over 10 years. 

Jessica Moon joined REACT19 in January 2023 and currently serves as the Director of Strategy. Jessica has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing, and has spent the past 10 years consulting small to medium-sized businesses in strategy development and the implementation of Six Sigma methodologies to help create efficiencies and eliminate waste.

Her professional experience includes operations management and process improvement management for large, multi-national organizations, as well as the Director of Business Strategy for a mid-sized, multi-million-dollar corporation that she helped build from the ground up.

Though vast, it wasn’t her professional experience that brought her to REACT19, it was her compassion for people suffering from chronic pain and illness, spurred through her own battle with Mast Cell Activation, that was the motivating factor. She has a heart to serve the injured and their families, and is dedicated to fighting for the development of science-based treatment protocols and injury compensation for those that have been marginalized and forgotten by public, federal, and state authorities.

Jessica was born and raised on a buffalo ranch in a small town in CA near Yosemite National Pak. She is married to her high school sweetheart and has 3 amazing kids who all love Jesus and seek to show His love to the world. She is a competitor and satisfies her need for competition by running marathons, playing golf, and playing any other sports that offers an opportunity to show her kids up! When not working or competing, Jessica loves to spend time reading, volunteering at her church, and working on her cattle ranch.