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06 April 2022

TrialSite Support Forum

Helping each other heal. By sharing stories, experiences, successes and failures we can learn more about these syndromes and help shape future research and concepts that potentially will help pave the path to healing. If you need help figuring out how to use the forum.

Censor-Free Support Forum

International Communities

Global Effort to Heal: Our international communities serve to increase our understanding of Covid vaccine adverse events and their management, and to support patients injured by the Covid vaccines. We do this primarily through provision of an online support network, education, advocacy, and research.

International Communties

Facebook Support Community

While Facebook is subject to censorship, it is currently the most ubiquitous social media platform and thus a tool to connect people from across the world. In our closed facebook community, you can connect with others in your path to recovery.

Support Forum

Kindred Community

Your COVID experience is unique to you. Collectively our experiences can inform research, and advance healthcare in ways that are urgently needed. This helps with future research projects. Kindred is a new path forward. Be a part of a growing collaborative peer support community. Make your covid experience count by sharing your story. Receive support from peers, and encourage those still struggling.

Kindred Community

Truth For Health

The Truth For Health Foundation is an excellent resource for the Covid19 vaccine injured. Their site includes vaccine injury resources, treatment guides, and medical/legal resources. Please see the link in our research section to submit your injury to their Citizens’ Vaccine injury Reporting System

Truth for Health