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Science-based support for people suffering from long-term COVID-19 vaccine effects

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Your story matters, you matter. Read the many stories of people just like you, then tell your own story on your terms.

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Participate in vaccine-injury research from the comfort of your own home, review over 3400 studies.

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Demand vaccine injury compensation reform and health equity for those suffering from Covid Vaccine Injuries.

Can You Help?

React 19 is dedicated to providing support for people suffering long-term effects from the COVID-19 vaccine. These are real people, real lives, real families.

Through the React19 CARE-fund we help patients gain access to receive financial assistance, which is funded entirely through the generosity of independent donors. 100% of the donation goes into the hands of the vaccine-injured for medical expenses. If you’re in the position to make a difference in someone’s life, please consider donating to our CARE-fund by texting REACT to 50155 or via the Venmo QR code.

Hear Our Voices

Have you experienced complications from the COVID-19 vaccine? Have you suffered without adequate medical care or acknowledgement? You are not alone — approximately 1.2 million adverse events to the vaccine were reported in the US during the first 12 months. Read about countless people’s journey to healing through science, community, and research.

German researchers find possible biosignature for “Post Vax Syndrome” using auto-antibody and inflammatory labs. The clinical picture referred to by the scientists as post-acute COVID-19 vaccination syndrome (PACVS) is very similar to ME/CFS, Pots and MCAS, but study results show PACVS can be distinguished from them. So-called GPCR autoantibodies were examined as potential diagnost...
Neurologic Complications With Vaccines: What We Know, What We Don't, and What We Should Do - Dr. Avindra Nath (NIH) - First published April 25, 2023 Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have evaluated neurological side-effects to the Covid vaccines. While this topic may be seen as controversial, these researchers have attempted to publish several case reports ...
Scientific Publications Directory Collection of peer reviewed case reports and studies citing adverse effects post COVID vaccination. Researching Covid vaccine adverse events can be daunting in part due to a broad myriad of factors. Primarily, the information is incredibly challenging to find. Here, we share an ever growing list of peer-reviewed studies specific to Covid vaccine adverse events....

Stronger Together

React19 began as a small group of medical professionals who experienced adverse reactions from the COVID19 vaccine. For months, we suffered alone without answers. We found each other, and persisted due to mutual empathy and our shared appreciation for science. Today, our community has grown beyond our expectations, and we continue to uplift each other through difficult times.

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