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Science-based support for people suffering from long-term COVID-19 vaccine effects

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Your story matters, you matter. Read the many stories of people just like you, then tell your own story on your terms.

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Demand vaccine injury compensation reform and health equity for those suffering from Covid Vaccine Injuries.

Surveys & Studies

Catch up on the latest research, review over 3400 studies, enroll in a study, or participate in our patient-led research.

What You Can Do To Help

Pass HR5142 & HR5143 Vaccine Injury Compensation Reform

1. Send an automated letter to your elected reps

2. OR call to demand they sign HR 5142 HR 5143 into law. 
Don’t know who your house rep is? Look up your rep here.

3. Share this campaign with family and friends.

4. Injured? Share your “why” by making your personalized graphic using this Canva Template.

Hear Our Voices

Have you experienced complications from the COVID-19 vaccine? Have you suffered without adequate medical care or acknowledgement? You are not alone — approximately 1.2 million adverse events to the vaccine were reported in the US during the first 12 months. Read about countless people’s journey to healing through science, community, and research.

Americans Injured by the Covid Vaccines Joined Medical and Scientific Experts to Testify in the U.S. Senate. On November 2, 2021 over a dozen Americans traveled to Washington D.C. to share their experience with Covid vaccine injury, medical censorship, scientific censorship, and social media censorship. The CDC and FDA did not show up to the hearing, nor did they send any representative to hear the concerns expressed. What were they hiding? These must-watch testimonies are below.   Ern...
React19, along with 18 COVID-19 vaccine-injured and bereaved families, representing over 20,000 COVID vaccine injured in the U.S., held meetings in Washington D.C. with over 30 bipartisan senators and representatives to discuss the broken Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) and Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program (CICP) funds, as well as the need for adequate monitoring of COVID-19 vaccine adverse events with ICD-10 codes. React19 also met with Food and Drug Administration dire...
Battle for Truth and Transparency Heats Up in Germany Germany’s leading health insurance company, BKK ProVita, discloses surge in injuries and demands response from government. Company fires director, Andres Schofbeck. Stories and documents covering the information were then removed from the internet. Here, we show a German and English translation of the original letter, disclosing the information along with the demands made by Andres. "Strong warning signal for coded vaccination sid...

Stronger Together

React19 began as a small group of medical professionals who experienced adverse reactions from the COVID19 vaccine. For months, we suffered alone without answers. We found each other, and persisted due to mutual empathy and our shared appreciation for science. Today, our community has grown beyond our expectations, and we continue to uplift each other through difficult times.

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