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Advocacy Director

Julia Marks

Julia Marks is a vaccine-injured Registered Nurse from Florida.

Julia was first introduced to React 19 as a patient searching for answers. She found online support groups and went to Washington DC to meet with others who had more than 23 symptoms emerge after their Covid 19 injections. She expected that the injured had already had pre-existing conditions but this was not the case. Most just like her were significantly healthy and not on any medications before their vaccine. This wasn’t a case of a temporal, causal connection being compared to a random circumstance (ie. Car accident that happened to coincide within weeks of your vaccine). With 23 plus symptoms shared in common, this so called happen-stance was more like a 23 car pile up that wrecked your health in the months following the “safe” injection.
Back in January/February 2021, Julia had rushed to secure her family by taking the Moderna vaccine. She chose it over Pfizer because it had a 2% higher efficacy rate.
After the second shot, she had fever, headache, double vision, swollen lips, and achy limbs.
She rationalized, that she was developing more antibodies than the average person. She knew she was having a hyper reaction and took Benadryl and a liter of fluids. She had never heard of a reaction that lasted more than a few days and was not aware of chronic nerve injury like small fiber neuropathy, and chronic inflammatory demyelinating neuropathy.
The more severe neurological symptoms did not begin for Julia until 4 1/2 months later. In her primary care’s office, she described the feeling that her body was being taken over by a neurotoxin. Her left side had started to go numb starting from the toes on her left foot. Electric nerve signals traveled up and down her left leg. She had an essential tremor in her hands and was having frequent myoclonic jerks and twitches. She complained her eyelids were too thin to shut out the light and retreated to a dark and quiet room.
She believed she was developing multiple sclerosis. After a three day hospital admission and seeing multiple neurologists who told her she did not have MS, GBS, Myasthenia Gravis, NMO or any other autoimmune disease, she began to make the connection. It could be, it could be the shots.
One evening while tuning into the Senator Ron Johnson’s hearing in Washington DC, she saw Brianne Dressen speak. Brianne used the words, “internal vibrations”. Tears flowed. These were the same words that Julia had used with her own primary care physician. She thought she was the first to use them in describing the strange buzzing, electrical sensations coursing through her nervous system.
She didn’t want to believe it. She had vaccinated her two older children with the Covid vaccines and strongly recommended it to her parents and family. As a nurse, she felt it was her obligation to stand with the doctors and scientists who had “done the research”.
She had argued for the shots with neighbors, “Why would you take a chance coming across a live virus when you could give your body the instructions through a dead version.” She did not know that these shots were different and that the definition of vaccine had been surreptitiously changed in order to include these new pharmaceutical products. If someone had told her prior to taking the shot, she certainly would’ve deemed it to be in the realm of conspiracy theory.
Julia Marks prides herself in protecting her community and family. She naturally moved into a role of research and advocacy speaking to as many of the suffering and the doctors who would listen. Having a background as a critical care nurse, she helped them communicate with their doctors to aid in their diagnosis and treatment. I went back to the physicians and told them what was helping, what seemed to not make a difference, and what seemed could be making them worse.
Many of us feel we have been failed by our healthcare insurance, failed by our government, and sadly let down by all those who didn’t believe us. The shining ray of hope in all that darkness was React19. Out of their own respect for human life, they dreamed of sharing with complete strangers a way out. They would not leave these good citizens that had done what was asked of them behind. That is why Julia Marks chose to stand with React19.