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Kristi Dobbs

Kristi Dobbs is a Registered Dental Hygienist from Missouri, that has been practicing for over 17 years.

She devoted most of her career to serving in public health dentistry and pediatrics. Kristi and her husband have been married for over 17 years, enjoying life’s adventures, which includes raising their 4 children.

Prior to her Pfizer covid-19 vaccine injury on January 18, 2021, she was very active and energetic in multiple facets of life. She enjoyed camping, kayaking, crafting, and activities with her family. She also enjoyed her career as a Dental Hygienist.

Kristi’s vaccine injury happened immediately after inoculation, and on site at the hospital clinic where she received her injection. She experienced tingling in the injection arm, heart palpitations, pre-syncopal episode, with increased pulse, respirations, and heart rate, dizziness, and a stroke worthy blood pressure reading. She was merely monitored for an extra 45 minutes, where she was then released with ”having a hot flash, or panic attack”. She has been plagued with multiple neurologic and autonomic dysfunctions, which cascaded in the days following vaccination. She has suffered from over 22 different symptoms involving tremors, full body paresthesia’s, internal and external tremors, dizziness, tinnitus, menstrual irregularities, nocturnal convulsions, swollen lymph nodes, and muscle pain and weakness, just to name a few. It stripped away all quality of life that she had prior to vaccination. She has been diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy, as well as being antiphospholipid antibody positive, having multiple elevated cytokine responses, and a revolving high CRP (inflammation) rate.

It has been over a year since her vaccine injury, and she has slowly regained functions and is devoting her spare time to helping fellow vaccine injured. Kristi has been unable to work for the last year due to her injury but has been able to stay at home and recover, as well as be there for her children.

Kristi has a very scientific background, and because of this, she believed in the science and technology of the covid-19 vaccines. She did all the research available to the public when the vaccine program rolled out. There was no acknowledgement of neurologic or autonomic injuries to be a side effect of the vaccine. She will continue fighting for transparency from the drug companies, FDA, CDC, and all other government entities that help in the regulation and distribution of the covid-19 vaccines, so these injuries do not affect another life.