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Caroline T.

Tagged with:DeathBereaved
  • Date of Death:
    February 28, 2022
  • Age at Death:

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Jan 2021 mammogram. April 2021 Primary doctor physical. May 2021 Female doctor physical. All 3 she passed with flying colors. 37 year breast cancer survivor. First vaccine in Feb then follow-up in March. Booster in early Nov. Started to feel cold like symptoms mid Nov. Feeling bloated. Didn't do anything because Thanksgiving was coming up. Didn't want to ruin the holiday. Started to feel better. Then a few weeks before Xmas started to feel bloated and feet starting to sweal up. Didn't do anything because she didn't want to ruin the holidays. First week in January her breathing was compromised. Went to urgent care. They did tests and x-rays. Found lesions on her liver. Went for more tests and was told she had stage 4 cancer. Couldn't tell us what type of cancer except her entire body was full of cancer. The cancer doctor couldn't even identify it until we saw the cause of death on her death certificate. Death certificate noted breast cancer. Doctors Didn't even want to try to cure her. Maybe it was too late but the doctors were HORRIBLE. Up to that point she was an active and healthy School bus driver. She stopped driving in 2019 when schools closed from all the mandates. She has a niece who is a 25 year breast cancer survivor. Her shot timeline is exactly the same as my mother's. The only reason she is still alive is because right after her booster she want feeling well and immediately flew out to the Mayo cancer clinic. She had a suspection of something went wrong. Mayo clinic denied the vaccine killer jab. Put her on a medication to control the spread of cancer. Her life now is declining but is still alive. Luckily for her she acted quickly.

How would you like your loved one to be remembered?

My mother was the kindness,loving human being I know. She would give you the shirt off her back if you needed one. Loving spouse, mother of 2. Grandmother of 2. Great Grandmother of 2. Everyone new Caroline at the school district she worked for. She drove school bus for 35 full-time years and went back part-time for 18 years.

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  • Moderna Vaccine:
    22 February 2021
  • Moderna Vaccine:
    20 March 2021
  • Moderna Vaccine:
    11 November 2021
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