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Vaccine Fatality of Christopher Goodrich

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  • Date of Death:
    December 28, 2021
  • Age at Death:

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Christopher James Goodrich
Supervisor / Full-time employee of Large South Florida Hospital chain

Chris obtained a life insurance policy which included a medical exam review, no cardiac issues were noted. 
He had a Cardiac calcium CT scan performed with a score of 0%. He was not taking any cardiovascular medication.

2021 Fall: Chris worked remotely from home. His employer mandated the C19 injection even though he was not in daily contact with other employees.

2021-09-10 (1st Injection) Moderna C19 shot batch 939906 

2021-09-13 Work interoffice messenger with co-worker:
1:33 PM Chris G "I got poisoned", "by Moderna"
1.34 PM Chris G "more sick than when I had Covid"

Chris lived at home with his parents and brother. The day of his first injection he laid in bed with the shakes, chills, and body ache.

2021-09-29 Blood labs: SARS COV 2 AB (ICG) >20.00 H SPIKE, SEMI QN
Chris was hoping to use the proof of Antibodies to avoid getting the 2nd C19 Injection because of the adverse effect he had from the 1st injection. His employer would only accept religious exemptions at that time, the State of Florida Dept. of Health had not yet posted immunity exemption forms as a valid exemption. 

2021-10-08 (2nd Injection) Moderna C19 shot batch 50E21A

2021-10-21 Work interoffice messenger with co-worker: 
2:13 PM Chris G: "My antibodies are now lower than they were post me getting covid. I got really sick after the poison, worse than covid both times, had to take time off and the company had to pay for it."

2021-12-26 The day after Christmas Chris was complaining of leg pains and he had to stay of his feet because of the pain.
2021-12-28 Chris worked from home all day. A few hours after work Chris was lying in bed complaining of back and shoulder pain. He attributed the pain was due to a heavy workout and barbell squats, he wanted to go to the hospital to get x-rays of his back. We wanted to call Fire Rescue but he said he was okay, he got dressed and we drove him to the hospital. Five minutes from the hospital Chris stiffened up and had a massive heart attack. The ER doctors worked on him for 25 minutes but could not revive him.

ME Report January 1, 2022: CAUSE OF DEATH: Occlusive Thrombosis of the Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery, DUE TO: Atherosclerotic Heart Disease

What would you like others to know?

I think about him every day.

How would you like your loved one to be remembered?

Chris excelled at everything he did and held himself to a very high standard no matter what it was – school, his career, exercise and so much more. Chris loved history, politics and reading, he could talk to you for hours on any subject. He had a gift for conversation, anyone who knew him gained some knowledge with every interaction. Chris loved his family and friends, he was always helping others by encouragement and friendship. Chris had a great smile and love to share a laugh. His family received so many great uplifting stories from co-workers and friends at his funeral service, he touched many peoples lives in the short time he was here.

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  • Moderna Vaccine:
    10 September 2021
    lot #: 939906
  • Moderna Vaccine:
    08 October 2021
    lot #: 50E21A
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