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Vaccine Fatality of Haley Link

  • Date of Death:
    January 21, 2021
  • Age at Death:

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Dose was Moderna and is on one of VAERS “Hot Lots” 027L20A. Typed transcript of December 2021 Covid-19 Summit in Greenwood, IN
Hi, my name is Shauna Link and I live in Evansville, Indiana. Thank you for inviting me to share Haley’s story. First I must say, my angel would not like all the attention being focused on her, but any positive that comes from this event ...... she would want to give God the glory.

I come to you on the emotional level of all these vaccines. You have heard from the experts. I belong to The Ugly Shoe Club. I would give anything to not be a member.

I would like to preface that a lot of my family and friends do not believe the vaccine caused Haley’s death and this has caused considerable anxiety in our family dynamics. Im not doing this to hurt anyone. I am Haley’s only advocate and she needs to be heard. I’m not saying what I believe as any conspiracy theorist, from what I have heard earlier and my own research on the vaccine, I am validated. I’m like a Mama Bear protecting her Cubs.

My husband and I have three beautiful girls. KAYCI is 40, Jackie is 38 and Haley is forever 28. We have been blessed with 3 wonderful son-in-laws and 4 awesome grandchildren, as well. But, we are all broken.

Haley graduated from the University of Evansville with an undergrad degree in 2015 in Athletic Training and in 2018 she graduated with her doctoral degree in Physical Therapy. She married her high school sweetheart in November of 2018.

None of us are prepared to live the rest of our lives without Haley. The morning of January 21, 2021 was the beginning of the worst days of our lives.

Haley received the Moderna injection the morning of Jan. 19. Her employer hosted the event and Walgreens administered the injections. The elderly and health care workers were among the first to receive the injection. Haley and her immediate family thought she was doing the responsible thing. She worked with the elderly and she was a Type1Diabetic. We were told, as all of you were told as well, that this “vaccine” was safe and effective. No more masks and not a chance of getting sick. CDC guidelines were, if they haven’t changed them again to fit their narrative, that those with underlying health issues such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes should get the injection. However, in the same paragraph, CDC says the safety of this injection is not yet known for those with autoimmune disorders. Well, folks, guess what. That whole paragraph was an oxymoron. Diabetes is an underlying health condition as well as an autoimmune disorder. I do not know if Haley was given the opportunity for informed consent.

On January 20, the day after her first injection, Haley woke up at 6:30am nauseated and vomiting. This continued all day according to her husband. She knew her body and knew she had to drink replacement electrolytes and had been doing that all day. As the evening progressed, her husband offered to take her to ER but she thought she just felt bad from the injection and could sleep off the discomfort. She stayed in the bathroom because of the vomiting and he kissed her and went to bed at 11pm. Corner put her time of death between 1am-2am, Jan.21. Evan found her at 6:30am that morning. Corner ruled her death as diabetic keto acidosis.

Haley’s sister Jackie, is also a Type1Diabetic and her oldest sister, KAYCI, was gestationally diabetic. We have dealt with this disease with our daughters and have seen a lot.  Jackie, in the past, has been in Diabetic Keto Acidosis at least 4 times a year for a period of 5 years.  I’ve seen that and I know that if Haley was in DKA at 11pm on the 20th, she would not have been able to communicate with her husband and she would have been as limp as a noodle.  But she wasn’t, she was communicating with him.  I think the Moderna injection caused the abrupt death and, certainly, caused her blood sugar to spike. County Corner ruled her death as diabetic keto acidosis and told me that there was not enough data “ out there” to determine whether or not the Moderna injection caused her death. Haley had never been in diabetic keto acidosis since diagnosis 22 years ago. I am working with a forensic pathologist out of Arizona to determine the real cause of death.

After Haley’s death, I was contacted via FB by lots of complete strangers. So much so, I deleted my account for over a month. Some were just nosey and others truly cared. Instinct told me who were sincere. Several of those caring ladies are in this room tonight. My point being, one of the contacts was Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, a retired physician out of New York. He was not an anti-vaxxer, but he had advised the FDA and CDC that not all people were good candidates for the injection. For instance, he said people who had been exposed to CV recently and then take the injection are at risk, as well as some other health conditions. Dr. Noorchashm was against the drive-thru injection process because patients were not properly screened nor informed. He sent me a video clip of his appearance on the Tucker Carlson show. I can share this video upon request. Sadly to say, Dr. Noorchashm’s professional advice was dismissed.

Haley’s employer’s human relations department called the day of her death and wanted to know if she had health issues. Then they called again and left me a voice mail two days after her death, mind you, while we were at the funeral home making her arrangements. She wanted to know what the Corner said about Haley’s death. We all know where this was going. They were already worried about their liability. She said she needed to know whether or not to shut down the clinic or proceed with giving injections. Steve, my husband, is more tactful with words than I, returned her call. Now, wouldn’t you agree with me that error on the side of shutting down the clinic is a no brainer? I don’t think I could have said it that eloquently so it was best Steve returned the call.

Now, our government is trying to bully citizens to take this injection, segregating those vaxxd/unvaxxed and illegally mandating these injections or lose our livelihoods and our inalienable rights of freedom. We can’t let this happen. Instead of the government mandating the injections, the government needs to be banning these injections. Five Scandinavian countries halted vaccines for those under the age of 30 because of the myocarditis and pericarditis events.

My mother’s gut instinct is in the Red Zone. This all goes so much deeper than any of us could ever imagine. I follow Dr. Pierre Kory and he has testified before a Senate hearing that there was no need for a vaccine because proven therapeutics were available but banned from doctor/hospital protocol. He also states that up to 100 members of Congress and their families were treated with the Ivermectin protocol after being diagnosed with Covid. Why is this protocol only available to a chosen few and blocked to the general public? There is an awesome video clip that was shown on One American News Network Saturday evening October 30, that professionally compiles all of these disastrous and elicit events that have transpired in our country. These are, indeed, crimes against humanity. I will share that link, as well, upon request.

Blocking proven therapeutics to be able to get FDA emergency use authorization of a mRNA vaccine to a company in business for 10 years (I am referring to Moderna) *having never received approval for any drug.

How can this continue to happen? And then, approval of jabs for 5 years and up. And, you know a mandate for that age group is right around the corner. Dr Ruben on that FDA panel said: "We're never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it, that's the way it goes". That sounds like Nancy Pelosi saying to pass the Affordable Care Act q read it later. Dr. Peter McCullough, a famous Cardiologist and internist from Dallas, TX, recently stated, and this is significant to me....“There is zero tolerance for electively taking a drug or a new vaccine and then dying!

Oh, my, Lord. I have panic attacks even thinking my grandchildren will be forced to take this injection.

So, here we are, being mandated to take an injection that millions of citizens do not want, an injection that is approved for Emergency Use only with no knowledge of complete ingredients nor long term effects. We are in Big Pharma’s controlled study whether we signed up or not. We know it kills and disables our loved ones. One thing Covid did do, it cured the flu and the common cold.

This next revelation is something that really upsets me. The 25 deaths reportedly caused by the Swine Flu injection were enough to recall the injection. If you go to, we are now at 19,532 deaths caused by the Covid vaccines as well as 927,738 adverse events reported as a result of these vaccines. The European Data base for Adverse Events reports as of November, 28,103 deaths and over 2.5 million adverse events. My daughter’s death has been minimized by a few ink dots on a page. And, studies show that only 1% to 10% of these events get reported. So you can add zeros accordingly. So, why aren’t these injections being recalled? If these injections were safe and effective, there would never be a need for mandates.

We have lost our beautiful daughter who was just getting started to experience her marriage, her career, her future children and all the life events we can never share with her. Holidays and birthdays since her death have been brutal. She was a daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, aunt, wife and a friend to many. We are left, all of us, a shell of our former selves. I can’t describe the constant nagging pain I have and the knowledge that her death, I feel, was in vain. I wake up every day, with the same gut pain I had when we were told Haley had passed, and the cycle starts all over again. And, I’m only one person. There are so many of us with similar stories.

Haley’s death has affected multitudes of people. Haley’s funeral procession began at the south end of University Parkway.. University ParkwayI connects Hwy 66 to Hwy 62 and provides a more direct route to USI between the two highways. Haley’s funeral procession ended at the North end of the Parkway, a constant line of cars as far as you could see. I’m certainly not bragging by any means, and I know Haley wouldn’t either, but I just want to make the point that her death affected lots and lots of family and friends.

During the Mike Lyndell Symposium this past summer, there was a segment on vaccine deaths. Haley’s story from a blog was on the Jumbotron. I did not see it but a friend of mine did. Out of all the stories that could have been shown, it was her story. My friend and I took that as a divine sign from Haley that she wanted justice. I do believe that.

I will end by telling you that I am so humbled to be here. I am in debt to all these REAL Doctors present today that have their patients best interest in mind instead of being in Big Pharma’s Control and the Federal Government. I am truly grateful. I feel validated that I am no longer a conspiracy theorist, as I have been labeled.




What would you like others to know?

What you would like others to know: Haley was the youngest of 3 girls of Steve and Shauna Link. There was 11 years difference between her oldest sister, Kayci, and 9 years difference between her older sister, Jackie. The older girls were involved in many sporting activities and Haley was always in tow, in complete support. At a Volleyball game of Kayci’s, there was that awkward gym silence when Kayci began to serve. Well, Haley shouted, “GO KAYCI” and the crowd erupted in laughter. Haley was a special friend to many and loved her family dearly. Haley and her High School Sweetheart/future husband, were crowned High School Basketball Homecoming King and Queen. Never on the “high maintenance protocol”, Haley’s Homecoming dress cost $9.99 on clearance and she looked like a million dollars. She loved her nieces and nephews dearly and they reciprocated that love.

How would you like your loved one to be remembered?

Although Haley was an T1D diagnosed at the age of 6 after her Kindergarten required vaccines, she did not allow that to stop her from anything. She achieved her childhood dream of becoming a Physical Therapist. In 2015, Haley graduated from the University of Evansville with a degree in Athletic Training. She continued her studies at the University of Evansville and graduated in 2018 with her doctorate in physical therapy.

Always loving to be around the elderly and listening to their stories with great respect, patience and interest, Haley took a job at North River Health Campus (Trilogy) in Evansville, Indiana. This is the location she received her deadly Moderna injection with Walgreen administering the injection. My parents, Haley’s Gran and Grandaddy, were very involved and instrumental in her life. She loved them so much. Being with the elderly as well as a T1D is the one and only reason Haley took the “safe and effective” vaccine. We, as her family, thought she was doing the responsible thing.

Haley loved her friends as family and was a loyal teammate. She won the award three years in a row for the Best Defensive Play on Reitz High School Softball Team. In addition to being on the softball field, Haley loved being at Kentucky Lake and Orange Beach with her family and friends.

Below is an entry from her “required” Senior Scrap Book, which perfectly depicts her personality. The “requiring” teacher for this project was her future Mother-In-Law. These words below are how I would like Haley to be remembered.

“ Come take a walk with me along this chalk line
Where I learned a lot about family, hard-work, success, and failure.
The chalk may disappear as we walk over it, but the memories never will The wind blows the flag in center field
The breeze reminds me of the perfect time of year and my friends
Their voices echo in my mind as the wind blows past my ear
When I'm here, time stands still.
It's like a refuge for me to get away from the hectic world I wish time could slow down right now
It is hard to accomplish everything I want in this short time we have together
I have won state ASA titles
Left everything I had in between these chalk lines
Made friendships that are more like the love of a family
I would never give up or give less than my best effort on every pitch, and I would never be negative
This time on Earth is like a big softball game
Sometimes you fail, sometimes you win
The innings pass quickly, but little things grab your attention and make time stand still
I have never been afraid to keep swinging with this time I do have
I feel left out when everyone else has a good game and I have my worst.
Even though I'm happy for my team, I try to stay away so my feelings don't get hurt
Sometimes during the game the pitcher examines you like a bad wreck on the side of the road that you can't look away from
While staring the batter down, she tries to figure out what would make you crash and fail
But, the cheers of teammates override the intimidating stares of the pitcher
My teammates encourage me on and off the field
It gives me strength to do what I have to do and faith to know they can do the same
The dirt infield now turns to a not so green patch of grass”. Haley Link

Some days, I don’t know how we can continue to function without Haley, but, GOD DOES.

As I know I would have Haley’s full support, please help to get these deadly injections off the market and those that are complicit of Crimes Against Humanity punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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  • Moderna Vaccine:
    19 January 2021
    lot #: 027L20A
  • Injury Date:

    19 January 2021
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