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React19 CareFund

As part of React19’s mission to support the Covid vaccine injured, we created the REACT-CARE Medical Fund Program. This program was created to minimize, to the extent possible based on funding, financial barriers to medical care for the Covid vaccine injured community. These funds have been made possible through generous donations from supporters. This fund is available currently for US RESIDENTS ONLY. The fund is only intended for past uncovered medical expenses and proposed specific future medical visits, testing, or treatments. 

Documentation will be required once future medical expenses are completed. Grants will NOT be given for non-medical items such as rent, housing, food, etc. These funds are reserved for US residents who are suffering from Covid vaccine related injuries only. Applicants can only apply once in a twelve-month period from the date of approval or denial by React19. Anyone deemed ineligible for financial relief under the REACT-CARE Medical Fund Program is invited to review the other financial resources available on this site. 

The application, WITH ATTACHED SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION, will be completed through DocuSign. When your application is complete and fully signed, it will be forwarded to React19 for review.

If you have any questions about the application process, please submit them to Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! REACT19 STANDS WITH YOU IN SUPPORT OF YOUR VACCINE INJURY.

Family income limits do apply, special considerations given to larger families. Click here for more details on limits.

Please Note

please pursue the following avenues for financial assistance before applying for the React CARE Fund. 

  • “I accept the grant to assist with medical bills and expenses that has been awarded. THANK YOU! Thank you again❤️

  • “OH MY GOODNESS!!! THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!! I am quite literally brought to tears at the reception of this grant. This is going to provide a great deal of financial relief for me. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

  • “I cannot express my appreciation enough, not just for this, but for everything you’re doing to help the vaccine injured. I was lost for 8 months before I found the video with Kyle Warner and Dr. Campbell and then found react19. A light in the darkness, truly!”

  • “I received my first and only dose of Pfizer on April 24,2021 and I’ve been suffering from many symptoms since. Seizures, leg weakness, facial muscle weakness, twitches, tremors,mini stroke, high blood pressure and brain fog. I have not been able to get treatment due to the fact that most doctors that want to help are not covered by my insurance. I applied to CareFund and I cried when I was accepted for funding. I am now able to pay some of my past debt that I have accumulated from this injury. Now I’m on my journey to healing . I will never forget this. Thank you”

    Mona Hasegawa
  • “OMG! Thank you!!!!! I’m happy crying… OMGOSH THANK YOU FOR THE NEWS!”

  • “Omg!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!! I am so grateful!!!!!! Thank you again so much you have no idea how much this will help me.”

    Danee Dixon
  • “Thank you so very much. This has brought me to tears! SO much gratitude.”

    Shanon Round
  • “I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cried upon reading that email. This is something that has changed my whole life and I will never stop fighting for this injustice. Proud to be working with React19 and hope to make even more of a difference as I continue to heal. Thank you!”

    Justine Luzzi
  • “I want to take this time to thank React19 for the generous grant money I received to help with my vaccine injury. In a time when many have felt so hopeless and lost you’ve been fighting for us and I will forever be grateful to your organization!”

    Tammy Gray

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to attach my complete medical record?
No. We need a History and Physical, OR a thorough clinic note that documents your symptoms/complaints and provides medical diagnosis if given.
What happens to my private information?

Once your application is emailed, it is held on our HIPAA compliant server by the REACT privacy officer. All of your personal identifying information is removed and replaced with an applicant number as the identifier. Once the identifying information is removed, an independent panel will then review the application. Once approved or denied, your application will then go back to the privacy officer to notify you of the approval/denial.

What forms do I need to attach to the application?
Documentation of previous medical bills, specifically, if available, documentation of uncovered medical expenses, and if your requesting funds for future medical expenses please detail the medical services you’re seeking and costs, 2 most recent paystubs(if currently employed), or disability receipt, simple initial consultation or thorough medical note that includes vaccine symptoms or diagnoses and recommended treatment.
Is there a monetary limit one can receive?
Grants are assessed on an individual need but will not exceed $10,000.
How long does the application process take?
The most time consuming on your part will be collecting your information, filling out the application and ATTACHING THE NEEDED SUPPORTING INFORMATION. Everything is then reviewed by the independent panel and the decision is made. The overall process will take at minimum weeks. Your ability to provide a complete application with the necessary documentation will expedite the process.
What expenses does the fund cover?
Uncovered medical expenses and treatment already received. For future treatment, the fund can pay for needed medical testing and procedures on a case by case basis. However, we need specific test/treatment requests with associated costs that your looking to have completed.
How many times can someone apply for assistance?
Once in a 6 month time period.
Is the fund only for past medical bills or could I request for future treatments?
The fund request can be for uncovered medical expenses and/or future treatments.
How are grant determinations made?
Multiple factors are considered in accepting or denying a grant and determining the amount of the grant.

How To Apply

IMPORTANT – First, make sure you have applied for all other  Financial Resources >

To complete your grant application, fill out our GRANT APPLICATION here >