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How To… File and Verify a VAERS Report

03 July 2022

How to file a VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) report.

If you are injured by one of the Covid vaccines, React19 strongly recommends you submit a VAERS report. This is a report of your adverse event to the US Department of Health and Human Services. While the US government and its agencies may or may not contact you about your adverse event after your submission, we recommend that you report your adverse event. Your medical provider SHOULD assist you on this submission if needed. Please click here to access PERK PDF (Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids). Read an online tutorial via PERK >, or see the CDC’s assistance video



How to Verify your VAERS report.

React19 has received reports of VAERS reports being modified or deleted from the original filing. IMPORTANT: In order to better understand if these issues are isolated or more widespread, React19 is asking anyone who has filed reports to go back and verify if: 1 - Reports have been modified or removed 2 - If your reports have been followed up on by VAERS. And if so with medical records?  


Ask the following questions:

Optional: Print out and use the VAERS Phone Call Log FORM (PDF) (Ask them to look up your VAERS numbers one by one and ask each of the following questions for each report)

    Q - Ask them who at VAERS is assigned to review the report.
       (If nobody is assigned make a note of that, then ask them if that means your report has not been followed up on. Record their response).
    Q - Ask them if medical records were obtained.
    Q - Ask what is the date that medical records were obtained.
    Q - Ask which institution(s) records were obtained.
(If records were not obtained, ask why not and record the answer as well).
If your record is now missing:
    Q - Ask them if your record is now hidden in the non-public system or if it's just deleted?


Step 3: Help us identify issues and non-issues Fill out the online google form questionnaire HERE

(please fill out this form for each VAERS report) You can use this VAERS Phone Call Log FORM (PDF) to track your responses during your call.