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React19 Research: Covid Vaccine Injury Study

29 May 2023



Online Survey on Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Events

University of Maryland Baltimore - React19



React19 is proud to present a first-ever IRB-approved patient-led research collaborative by the vaccine injured-for the vaccine injured.

This study is being conducted to gather more information about Covid-19 vaccine reactions including symptoms, timing of adverse events, testing, and what diagnoses have been made as a result of the vaccine. The survey also investigates what treatments have been tried and their effect. We hope to use this data to publish patient-driven data about vaccine reactions in hopes of educating the medical community and other vaccine-injured individuals. As well, we hope findings provide preliminary data for future funding to allow larger surveys and to provide direction for analysis using larger, already-collected data (such as health insurance data).

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Have or are currently experiencing adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines.
Are currently 18 years or older with email and internet access.
Can speak and write in the English language.


What Will Happen During the Study?

The online questionnaire will include questions about your health prior to receiving your Covid-19 vaccine, related medical history, and vaccination history.

You will then answer questions about your symptoms, tests, diagnoses, and treatments.


 How Can I Prepare For the Study?

The survey is challenging to complete on a mobile device so we suggest participants take the survey on a desktop or laptop computer with a larger screen. 

This study will have detailed questions about tests, diagnoses, and treatments. Participants may wish to prepare beforehand by reviewing their records for a refresher on the tests and treatments they have tried.


How Long Will the Study Take?

The survey typically takes 60-90 minutes.

We encourage all participants to save their progress regularlytake breaks, and return to finish the survey. 


Information Privacy/Confidentiality:

Your privacy is of the utmost importance. This study is performed using the QuestionPro survey software that will never present a respondent's email address linked to the response data in any of the analysis tools, reports, and data downloads. This study's privacy is designed to adhere to the strict privacy standards required by the IRB.

This study will also use the Respondent Anonymity Assurance feature of QuestionPro software which will completely hide any identifying information and in particular IP Address, Country Code, and Region of the device you are using to fill in the survey. Email addresses will not be stored with survey responses and will remain unknown to the research team. Any data exported cannot be linked to you and will be used by survey staff and investigators for the purpose of this study.

Storage, sharing, and future research using your data: We will retain your anonymized responses for as long as necessary for this study and future studies. We will retain and use your anonymized data as necessary to perform the current study. The data may be used for future studies, presentations, reports, and publications. All data remains anonymous and does not include any information that may identify a participant. 


If I Change My Mind About the Study and Wish to Disenroll?

You can disenroll in the study at any time and without any consequence to you. 


How Many People Will Participate?

We aim to enroll 2,500 survey participants.


The study's Principal Investigator is Dr. Linda Wastilla.

React19's Research Team Project Manager is Dr. Edoardo Galli.


Questions? If you have any questions about this study please email Dr. Linda Wastilla.