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Send React19 to Washington DC

Pro mountain biker, Kyle Warner, calls on Congress to make vaccine injury a priority.
Send Kyle Warner to DC

Advocating for Change

It’s hard to put into words how much the people at React19 have meant to me throughout this injury and the journey that has followed. As a healthy young man who followed public health guidance to protect others, I found myself battling myocarditis, pericarditis, and postural orthostatic tachychardia syndrome (POTS) in the wake of the Covid-19 vaccine. At a time when many American doctors and public officials were skeptical of the vaccine's potential for serious side effects, I found myself in a health crisis, feeling abandoned and often vilified for suggesting a connection between my condition and the vaccine. All I wanted was help, and to get my life back.

When the people at React 19 heard my story and reached out, I found a sense of community and belonging. It was a group led by physicians, working with vaccine injured Americans working to understand what was happening with our bodies and fighting to help other injured people get support. 

It broke my heart as i soon realized that although my injury was debilitating, it was nowhere near as devastating as the paralyzed children now reliant on wheelchairs, the parents unable to care for their family as they battled injuries of their own, or even worse, the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who now had an unfillable void from the loss of their child or sibling due to heart failure. 

I knew at that point I needed to help the others who were also affected by the Covid 19 Vaccines. The first time we arrived in Washington, DC I naively believed we would be able to meet with the politicians at the helm, and get these injured Americans both recognition and financial support. I was ignorant to both the failings of the process, and the level of corruption we would encounter along the way.

We are fighting an immense uphill battle, but it is a battle that will be won in time. We have the data, stories, and evidence on our side. What we need now is awareness of just how badly the government has failed those willing to roll up their sleeves. 

This is not only about getting help for the people who have been harmed already, but also getting the protections in place for the people who will be hurt in the future. I hope my time and efforts in DC will give the vaccine injured a sense of representation and hope. 

“We are fighting an immense uphill battle, but it is a battle that will be won in time. We have the data, stories, and evidence on our side.”

I truly believe it will be a great opportunity to inform the public and uninformed politicians of what we have encountered on Capitol Hill. With enough transparency we can overcome the corruption and watch the truth win. 

We now have the opportunity to make a ripple that will extend decades into the future. The vaccine companies and the government need to be held accountable for their failings. We are the light they fear will expose their shadows. 

I am very excited to take on this fight for the injured and I appreciate all of you who are willing to support us in this journey. Below you will find more information regarding the two House bills we are working to get approved to help the Vaccine injured.

Sincerely, Kyle Warner

A True Grassroots Movement

At the forefront of this initiative are the people whose lives have been affected most. React19 is a non profit founded by and staffed by vaccine injured Americans. Our primary lobbyist Kyle Warner is a 3 time national mountain bike champion who had his career changed forever post vaccine induced myocarditis. Over the next three months, he'll meet with House and Senate members to shed light on the importance of these bills, emphasizing the positive impact they can have on the lives of vaccine-injured Americans.

House Resolutions We Are Supporting

Addressing a Need:

HR 5142 and HR 5143 tackle a longstanding issue in our healthcare system by addressing the gaps in the current Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). These bills represent a practical solution to enhance compensation for those facing unforeseen consequences from vaccinations.

Financial Practicality:

Concerns about the cost of these bills are met with a pragmatic approach. With an estimated cost of around 2 billion dollars over the next ten years, the funds required can be sourced from the existing 4 billion dollars in the VICP trust. This ensures a financially sustainable solution without burdening taxpayers.

Our Core Goals

Inclusion of COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries into VICP

The ongoing global pandemic has underscored the need to adapt the VICP to current circumstances. We aim to expand the program to include coverage for injuries resulting from COVID-19 vaccinations. This ensures that individuals who experience unforeseen side effects from these vaccines receive the support they deserve.

Extending Filing Deadline to 5 Years

Recognizing the complexities of vaccine-related injuries, we advocate for an extension of the filing deadline from three to five years. This adjustment provides affected individuals with a more realistic timeframe to navigate potential complications and ensures that deserving claims are not hindered by stringent deadlines.

Increasing Special Masters

The VICP relies on Special Masters ( Vaccine Court Judges ) to adjudicate claims fairly and efficiently. By removing the limit on the number of Special Masters in VICP program from maximum of 8, and instead setting a requirement for a minimum of 10, we seek to expedite the processing of claims, allowing for a more responsive and streamlined resolution of cases. This will also allow VICP to hire a substantial number of special masters to handle the influx of over 10,000 Covid 19 vaccine injury claims which are currently parked in the underwhelming CICP program.

Updating Awards System for Inflation

Currently denominated in 1986 dollars, the VICP awards system is due for an update. We propose adjusting compensation figures to account for the inflation which has occurred in the last 38 years, ensuring that awards remain equitable and reflective of the economic realities faced by vaccine-injured individuals.

Automating Excise Tax for Future Vaccines

As new vaccines are developed and added to the upgraded VICP program, we advocate for the automation of the excise tax process. This streamlined approach ensures timely contributions to the program, supporting its ongoing sustainability and ability to provide compensation to those in need.

As we embark on this advocacy journey, your support means the world to us. Not only does it help legitimize our fight in the eyes of the public and the politicians that represent all of us, but it is also the fuel that helps us keep the organization running and provides hope to tens of thousands of people whose lives have been affected. 

Join us in championing these reforms to strengthen the VICP and ensure that it remains a beacon of support for all Americans impacted by vaccine-related injuries.

Who Has Pedged Their Support?

Your 100% tax deductible donation will be used for

The Spring 2024 legislative session ($15,000)

The Spring & Fall 2024 legislative sessions ($30,000).

Any amount raised beyond $30,000 will go to cover travel expenses of the vaccine-injured to Washington DC for the annual 3 day lobby days. These campaigns usually involve meetings with the FDA, HHS, or breifings in the House or Senate.

Washington DC Advocacy Fund

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