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Shaveless February

Put a face to Covid vaccine injuries.

Shaveless February is a month-long journey where participants forgo shaving in order to raise awareness and funding for Covid vaccine injury advocacy and medical support. Help raise awareness by growing out that scruff, share selfies of your progress and donate to React19's medical fund, CareFund. 

Let's raise awareness and have fund doing it!

1. Don't shave for February.

2. Post selfies on social media with hashtag #shavelessFeb

3. Donate to React19's medical fund by texting "React" to 50155

4. Call out three others to join in!

DONATE - Text "React" to 50155

Who Has Pedged Their Support?

100% of your donation will go to the React19 CareFund, a medical expense grant program for people who are suffering lasting adverse events to the Covid vaccine. In light of the failing federal CICP program that has a 97% rejection rate and has only paid $41,000 TOTAL for Covid vaccine injuries, the need for injured Americans in profound. 
Read more about this program including testimonials here.