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David Russel – Dearly Discarded #27

The "Dearly Discarded Podcast" features host Jared St. Clair engaging in a conversation with guest David Russell, who shares his personal experience with a vaccine injury. David received his fourth Moderna COVID-19 vaccine booster shot on April 4, 2022. About 10 days after this booster, he began to experience a range of unusual symptoms, including a sensation of ants crawling under his skin, a feeling of impending doom, and claustrophobia.Throughout the podcast episode, David discusses his motivation for advocating for change and raising awareness about vaccine injuries. He mentions his involvement with organizations such as React 19 and Health Rights MA, which aim to help those affected by vaccine injuries and work towards changes in vaccine-related policies and mandates. The podcast highlights the importance of uncensored discussions and the challenges that individuals who have experienced vaccine injuries face when trying to voice their concerns.

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