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Vaccine Injury of Christina Hackman Fible

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was 52 yrs. old. I am a mother and grandmother. I have worked full time, in the engineering department, for the same company for 33+ yrs. I loved to spend as much time outside a possible. In my free time I loved to garden, raise my chickens, go camping, kayak, hike, travel and was learning to fly fish. I was blessed to share an active life with my best friend and be a part of my kids and grandkids lives. We were in a great place in our lives. We had just built and moved into our "empty nest" home in the country. Our youngest just graduated from college. We worked and played hard. I was healthy and active. Covid had changed so much in everyone's lives, but we were still blessed with our health and jobs. Scott and I both work for the same family-owned company. In 2020 our company received the contract with the Ford Motor company to make ventilators. We worked endless hours to be a part of something that made a difference. We were proud to be doing what we could to save lives.
July 2020, I received a call from my sister. Our 79 yr. old father tested positive for Covid. While going to physical therapy he contracted the virus. From July to Oct the only contact we had with our father was through Duo or Zoom. His nurses were our angles. The end of Oct we were told the two of us could come see him. Outside. 10 feet apart. We could not touch him. Less than 24 hrs. later, we were called again, he was put on a ventilator. We were told he would not survive if he was removed from it. Having other health conditions and battling Covid for months was more than his body could handle. My sister and I made the decision to have the vent removed. He died a day later.
When April 2021 came around and our age group became eligible to get our Covid shots I was ready to do my part to stop this deadly virus. Months before when other counties where giving the vaccine I was a little worried. It seemed fast. But by the time it came to the states I was ready. My Dad had died. My daughter is a RN at Children’s Hospital and still lived at home. She had already received the shot long before it was offered to the public. I have always received all my vaccines. I hadn’t missed a flu shot in 25+ years. I had just got my first shingles vaccine in January. So, no worries…. Right?

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

April 6th, I received my first Moderan shot. (lot# 021B21A) Within a few hours I had a headache and felt exhausted. My left arm was very sore. More than my usual flu shot. Over the next couple days, it got worse and traveled down my left arm. Over the next week, my left wrist had severe pain. My left hand and forearm had a numb area running down it. I was exhausted. I started having insomnia, way worse than normal. I would wake up frequently every night with my heart racing. Pounding so hard it startled me awake every time I would dose off. I would be soaking wet with sweat and flushed from head to toe. My body was buzzing, like I could feel the blood rushing through me. I had adrenalin surges rushing through my body. I could almost taste it. I began to have weakness in both arms and legs. It was hard to walk up the steps or my driveway without being exhausted. I noticed I was very “over sensitive, just off”. I would startle at loud noised and fast motions. I started to notice vision changes. Like I was looking through a tube. I had vertigo. I ran into things and was off balance a lot. I just couldn’t understand what was happening.
May 12th, I received my second dose. (lot# 039B21A) Again, I had a headache and my arm hurt within hours of the shot. All the symptoms from the first shot continued. On May 22nd while driving, I started to feel very strange. My vision began getting tunneled and blurry. I got sick to my stomach and started to sweat. I could tell my BP was going up. I had to pull over and have help getting out of the car. Over the next couple weeks everything stayed about the same. HR over 110+, BP going up 170+/ and down, adrenalin dumps, I had severe fatigue & weakness. Then on June 12th everything blew up. All the symptoms accelerated PLUS more. I could not lay flat at all without my HR increasing to the point I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I called the Dr. on call and was told that my HR wasn’t “that bad” and my BP of 170+ wasn’t” that high”. I have a digital BP cuff in the house so I watched it closely. My BP is usually around 110 to /115. It’s been low my whole life. I could not control my bladder. Running to the bathroom every 15 minutes or less. I had a horrible pain/cramp in my rectal area running down my left leg. I couldn’t stand the feeling being in my own skin. Then I started having cognitive problems. I couldn’t speak right. Word loss. Slurred speech. Memory problems. I thought maybe I had a stroke. I started with a crackling noise in my head. Chest tremors. Vertigo. I became very clumsy. I ran into everything. I got into my primary Dr. on 6/14. She was new for me (I had only seen her for my new PT visit and a follow up), as mine of 20+ yrs. retired. She did an ECG in the office. Ordered urine and blood work. It was all fine. She said I was having an anxiety attach and needed to “clam down”. She wanted me to see a counselor for stress and a cardiologist for my high BP. I left crying, feeling she did not listen to what was going on inside of me. June 29th, I went to a cardiologist. He ordered a heart monitor for me to wear for a month. He also acted like it was stress and little to worry about. He actually made me feel stupid. Told dumb jokes and brushed me off. Again, didn’t even listen to what I was telling him. July 2nd, I had an ECO, it was good. Over 3 weeks in July I lost 14 lbs. I had a hard time swallowing for a while. I didn’t drive a car for a month due to vision changes. I had major muscle loss and back pain. Pelvic/rectal pain that took my breath away. July 6th, I went to the ER. I felt like I was either going to have a heart attack or a stroke plus I couldn’t sit due to the rectal pain. I was given something to relax me and had a CT & ECG scan. All normal. I had my first conversation with the ER Dr. about my thoughts and the timing of my vaccine and my symptoms. After she spoke on the phone with my primary Dr. her whole demeaner changed. I was dismissed. I was told to follow up with my primary and have a colonoscopy (I had one 2 years ago). I saw my primary Dr. July 8th. Again, I was told to “calm down” and exercise and see a consoler. More blood and urine work were done. All fine. July 12th, I had a colonoscopy because of the rectal pain. All was normal. The GI Dr. referred me to a Colon Rectal Surgeon. July 13th, I was seen by an Endocrinologist. No referral. I just decided to go because no one was listening to ALL my symptoms. Having the adrenaline surges my thoughts were maybe it was my adrenal gland. The endocrinologist ran blood work and did a 24-hr. urine collection (I had 4 of those). Full thyroid panel. All my tests were normal. July 14th I was back in the ER in the early AM. I begged to be admitted and monitored. Nope. After getting my BP down and HR down, I was given pain medicine and released, told to follow up with primary. After that I vowed to just die on the floor of my home before I would let one more person make me feel crazy and not worth their time. July 14 still, later that day I had a OBGYN appointment. Pelvic ultrasound done. All normal. July 16th MRI was ordered by my primary Dr. just to shut me up. Normal. July 19th, I had an appointment with the Colon Rectal Surgeon. Office exam found no reason for my pelvic/rectal pain. July 24th, I had a pelvic MRI. Normal. I was diagnosed with Proctalgia Fugax. I started pelvic floor therapy weekly. I had internal and external therapy to relieve the tight pelvic muscle causing my rectal pain. August 9th- I was done with the heart monitor. It showed all of the accelerated HR spikes but I was told my heart was fine, “but something was causing the spikes”. Cartologist didn’t see any reason for more tests. During the month of August, I had a few weeks where I started to get some relief and things (most of my symptoms) calmed down. I was able to lay down in bed for the first time in 12 weeks. I found quickly that when I tried to get back to more normal activities all the symptoms would flare up. Moving into September I started having less BP and HR problems but they were replaced with severe lower back and left hip pain, neuropathy in my feet and hands. I starting having problems walking. My legs just didn’t work right. I was still having episodes of cognitive problems. The crackling sensation in my head got worse. My neck was tight and my left shoulder was locked up. The tremors lessoned, but still happened a few times a week. Oct.15th, I started to get sick and tested positive for Covid on Oct.18th. I was sick for a week. Since having Covid all my symptoms have gotten worse again. My BP and HR is back to running high. Some days I can’t even think right. Memory loss is really bad. Nov.4th, I had a yearly mammogram. Normal. Nov 9th, I had a follow up with my primary. She said I possibly had neuropathy and ordered more tests. Nov. 16th, I had an EMG and Nerve conduction test, looking for Guillain Barre syndrome or nerve damage. I passed the tests. Normal. Dec. 3rd, I messaged my primary Dr. to let her know I reported my symptoms to Moderan and VAERS, that I had case numbers now. I expressed that I didn’t feel like I had support and my symptoms were not getting better. She gave/messaged me a list of mental health specialists and on My Chart, through Epic 15 mins later, I received a discharge letter from her office. She stated that “Doctor PT relationship no longer effective”. That’s it!! I now have no primary Dr.
Dec. 13th, I drove to Dayton to see a neurologist at the University of Cincinnati. He has ordered two more MRI’s of my spine, EEG and more blood work. I haven’t done them yet. I have them scheduled for Jan. What came out of the visit/exam wasn’t a diagnosis at all, but talk of small fiber neuropathy, POTS postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and nervous system disorders. We did talk about vaccine injuries, but he doesn’t want to believe that the vaccine has caused a reaction this long after it was given. He has referred me to rheumatology. He is thinking autoimmune disease brought on by the vaccine like RA or polymyalgia rheumatica.
I didn't go see the rheumatologist.
Form that point on I stopped keeping a journal. It was too much. I found Steph deGaray & Maddie. They live near me in Cincinnati (I work in Cinci and live in Indiana. She directed me to the RealNotRare support group and ReAct19. Since then I follow them closely. I also follow the FLCCC.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

I follow ReAct19, RealNotRare, and the FLCCC.
I take a lot of natural supplements that seem to help.
I did 28 visits of HBOT in a soft shell chamber. That to help a lot with my overall health. I take LDN for my joint pain. I found a local Dr that follows the FLCCC so we try different things as new things come up. I did have a Cytokine panel done through incelldx and an appointment with one of there DR.s I tried a couple of their therapies but I could not handle the statin . It made my joint pain unbearable. I learned to pace myself and rest whenever my body lets me.

What would you like others to know?

You're not alone. Surround yourself with people that understand and support you. Don't give up. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to stop the deaths and injury.

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