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Tammy Herbert - Dearly Discarded #29

In this episode, your host, Jared St. Clair, sits down with Tammy Herbert, who has experienced profound life changes due to the COVID-19 vaccine. Tammy shares her personal journey of dealing with a vaccine injury, a process that took two years to diagnose, as she navigated the challenges of finding answers and proper medical support. Discover how she eventually connected with React 19, a pivotal organization that played a crucial role in her life-changing diagnosis.

But there's more to this episode than just Tammy's story. Tune in to learn about React 19's innovative initiative, the "Prayer and Spiritual Encouragement Team." Tammy and her team of dedicated individuals aim to provide spiritual support, prayer, and guidance to those who have been vaccine-injured or are seeking solace during their challenging journey. Their mission is to offer unwavering support to individuals facing adversity, and this episode sheds light on their compassionate and much-needed work.


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