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Tagged with: Neuropsychiatric

Olivia Gleser

Immediately- Shortness of breath, dizziness, extreme fatigue. Then intense chest pains, vertigo (BPPV), right sided numbness, now 6 months later, new POTS symptoms, lightheadedness/fainting, MCAS, ...

Shawn Spitler

Anaphylaxis allergic reaction that caused respiratory failure and collapsed lung which triggered an autoimmune response in my body. That autoimmune response created hemiplegia to my rt side due to ...

Integrative solutions for neuropsychiatric symptoms with Dr. Lavretsky

Dr. Lavretsky answers questions on neuropsychiatric symptoms of Long COVID. Helen Lavretsky, MD, MS is a Professor of Psychiatry at University of California Los Angeles. She is the director of inte...

Roxanne Price

Sence the vaccine I've experienced irregular periods . More painful periods prolong periods of bleeding . Cysts. Not ovulating regularly Depression Anxiety