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In rare cases, coronavirus vaccines may cause Long Covid–like symptoms

From In late 2020, Brianne Dressen began to spend hours in online communities for people with Long Covid, a chronic, disabling syndrome that can follow a bout with the virus. “For...

Patient Resources: Dysautonomia/POTS Organizations

Dysautonomia International Dysautonomia Information Page Science Direct...

Patient Resources: MCAS Organizations

Are you suffering with symptoms of MCAS? (itching, flushing, hives - eye irritation & watering - runny nose - mouth and throat swelling  -  trouble breathing, wheezing - low blood pressure, rap...

Aisha Wani

Alina Lukasevich

Amanda Bailey-Crosby

Amanda Gibbons

Amanda Miller

Ami Myers

Vaccine Injury of D.C. – Arizona

​7/3/21 ​I received the Moderna vaccine just after I received a glowing physical. I’m was in great health before the vaccine. Just days after receiving the vaccine I fainted in my kitchen, my b...

Vaccine Injury of J. – Georgia

5/21/21 I was a healthy physically active 39yr old female physician and new mom to a 4 month old baby when I got my first Pfizer vaccine on 12/26/20. At 11 minutes after the shot I became f...

Vaccine Injury of Josephine F. // Pfizer

Vaccine Date: 18 June 2021
Describe your symptoms and the timeline of your reaction  Allergies, Internal vibrations, Sensory changes, Light, smell, sound, chemical, electrical sensitivities, Chronic pain (fibromyalgia) Exe...

Vaccine Injury of Kim W. // Pfizer

Vaccine Date: 14 June 2021
Describe your symptoms and the timeline of your reaction  4 days after the jab I started feeling a pressure behind my eyes and I started feeling dizzy. I few days later I got a severe headache , li...

Andrea Kelly

Anette Lindberg Friedrichsen

Anne Griffin

Catherine Burrell

Cecilia Serna

Vaccine Injury of Karla // Pfizer

Vaccine Date: 27 October 2021
Describe your symptoms and the timeline of your reaction  Nov 2020: Initial vaccine was J&J - no reaction at all. Got Pfizer booster on Oct 27. Initially, a normal reaction - chills, fe...

Ceri Davies